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Issues with Extensions

Issues with Extensions

Itchy scalp? Hair loss? Dry hair? We are here to help you on this page, show you what might have gone wrong, and provide guidance in case of emergencies.

  • Itchy Extensions

    Itchy Extensions

    When the scalp itches after hair extensions, it can have completely harmless reasons or immediate intervention may be required. We clarify when the extensions need to be removed.
  • Falling Extensions

    Falling Extensions

    If your gorgeous mane falls out quickly after installation, there can be many reasons for it. Some can be prevented beforehand.
  • Tangled and Dry Extensions

    Tangled and Dry Extensions

    We explain why extensions become tangled and coarse. Additionally: How to prevent it from happening in the first place and what really helps when it has already reached that point.
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There are countless manuals and videos on the internet on how to apply hair extensions and how to care for them. Still, sometimes something doesn’t work the way it should.

If your dream-hair develops into a nightmare, it’s not necessarily the hair quality, which is the culprit. You can avoid many problems from the start.

However, if your scalp is continuously itchy, the hair is like straw or strands fall out you need help fast.

We have compiled and analysed problems and we hope to be able to help you.