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Nanoring Extensions

Nanoring Extensions

Nanoring extensions in two quality levels.
Extensions that attach with nanorings.

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Real hair extensions

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Nanoring Extensions – Quality of hair

Nanoring extensions have tiny connection points, which are bonded with Keratin

Using Nanoring extensions you have all the pros of Microring Extensions with 90% smaller connection points. Nanoring extensions are bonded with Keratin with an integrated thin wire-loop. They can be applied to your hair fast, easy, without using heating tools, and they are almost invisible. No wonder this method becomes more and more popular.

Our nano-ring extensions are made of Premium Quality Indian Remy hair with intact cuticles and the hair lying in its natural direction. After washing your hair the extensions are show a subtle natural wave if air-dried. This is normal and a sign of high quality. European hair shows the same tendency that way Indian is so easy to match with the structure of European hair.

You can wear the extensions for 3-6 months, if you take good care of them even longer.

Find a detailed informative guide on our page care for hair extensions

Nanoring extensions with warranty

We are convinced of our Premium Quality and offer you a 3-months warranty on them if you order and use our care-set for extensions. If your hair mattes or knots within these 3 months we deliver a replacement.

Find more info on the conditions of our warranty here.

How to apply and remove nano-ring extensions

It is important to wash your own hair with a deep cleansing shampoo before application to remove residue from hair styling products.

During application take care that as much of your own hair is threaded through the nanoring as possible. If the amount of your own hair threaded through the nanoring is too small it may happen that your own hair cannot carry the weight of the extension strand and break.

Then just push the thin wire-loop through the nanoring and close the ring firmly using pliers

To remove the strand, open the nanoring with pliers and pull the strand out. If you want to re-apply the strands you need new nanorings.

Accessories for application and removal

You only need some inexpensive tools for applying nanoring extensions, most of which you can re-use again and again.

You need the following:

  • sectioning comb and clip
  • template for separating strands evenly
  • threader
  • pliers to close and open nanorings
  • nanorings

Of course, you can find all of this in our shop under accessories

Questions & Answers

  • What is the lifespan of nano-extensions?

    You can wear nano-ring extensions in your hair for 2-4 months, depending on how fast your own hair grows. When the connection points become visible you have to take them out and re-apply them.

    The extensions themselves can be used 3-6 months, again, depending on how well you look after them.

  • Can I go swimming with extensions?

    Of course you can! Just be careful with seawater or chlorinated water in pools. Rinse your hair well with sweet-water after swimming, as seawater and chlorinated water. Wear you hair up when swimming to protect them.

  • Can I style extensions using straightener or curling irons?

    Our extensions are made from 100% human hair, so, yes, you can use straighteners or curling irons. Just make sure that the connection points do not come into contact with irons, they will easily be damaged by them.

  • Can I braid my hair with extensions in it?

    Of course! Let your hairstylist know before application that you intend to braid your hair, she will then apply them accordingly.

  • Can I colour extensions?

    Yes, in principle you can colour this quality, however we advise against it. Particularly cheap colouring products contain peroxide and ammonia. They open the cuticle layer of each hair and penetrate deeply into the hair damaging it in the process.

    If you insist on colouring your extensions have it done by a professional who uses a high quality product.

    Find more information on our guide page: Extensions dying, bleaching