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Essential accessories for hair extensions.

hair2heart offers all types of hair extension accessories: clips, bonds, glue, micro rings and many more.

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Accessories for hair extensions


Here you will find everything you need to apply, remove and to care for extensions.

We carefully chose our range of accessories to find the best quality for the best price and we are constantly curating it to offer you more.

Most of our human hair extensions are already prepared with connection points in place, so that you need only accessories like pliers or heat connectors for application. Of course you will find additional accessories like heat protectors as well as sectioning combs and clips.

Are you missing something? Please let us know we will try to add it to our range.

Removing extensions yourself?

Removing extensions is far easier than applying them. For tapes you just need a tape remover fluid, for bondings you need a bonding remover fluid and pliers, for micro-ring you can use the same pliers you used for applying them. Easy!

Re-bond extensions?

So, you removed your extensions – what now? Re-use them or buy new ones?

Have a good look at them, are they still soft and silky? Do they develop split ends? Could you give them a cleaning cut? You want to give them a new lease on life?

If you want to rebond them we offer all you need for all methods.

Check out our guide, you’ll find detailed manuals.