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Clip in Extensions

Clip in Extensions

hair2heart clip extensions in two quality levels.
Extensions that attach with clips.

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Real hair extensions

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Human Hair Clip In Extensions

Clip Hair Extensions are best if you love to change your look. With a bit of experience you lengthen your hairstyle in minutes into a long lion’s mane. Clip Hair Extensions are gentle to your own hair, as you wear them only for a short period and never while you sleep

Clip Extensions in two different qualities

Premium Quality: Clip Hair Extensions made from Indian Remy hair have the best quality. All hair lie in correct direction and the cuticles are intact and closed, this ensures a long lifespan of silky, soft extensions.

Standard Quality: Clip Hair extensions in Standard Quality are also 100% human hair, but its origin is from Southeast Asia and it does not have Remy quality. If you look well after them you can enjoy them for a long time!

Clip in extensions with warranty

We offer a 3 months warranty on the hair of our Premium Quality extensions. If the hair matts or knots within this time we send replacement. Condition for warranty is that you order and use our special care-set. Find more info on our page warranty

Clip Extensions in Balayage and Ombré colours

We offer a wide range of colours and also Balayage and Ombré colours. It’s quite uncomplicated to find the right colour. You can order some strands in the colours you think are right and then decide at home which colour to order. Or you can order a complete colour ring with all colours we stock. You could also send us an image of your hair (image shot in daylight!) and we suggest some colours. And then tou could send us a strand of your own hair?


Our mostly asked questions answered below.

Can you wear clip in extensions every day?

While clip-in extensions are intended for occasional use, they can also be worn daily with proper care. Regular removal before bed, gentle brushing, and avoiding excessive heat styling can extend the life of the extensions.

How many clip in extensions do you need?

Depending on the desired volume, you need 120 - 200 grams. The clip in extensions should come in a set of 5-7 pieces. With this number of pre-cut clips in parts, all parts of a head or hairstyle can be beautifully extended.

How long do clip in extensions last?

Clip in extensions can last 6 to 12 months with proper care. The better you take care of your clip-in extensions, the longer you will enjoy them. The quality, e.g. B. using Remy hair also affects durability.