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Micro Ring Extensions

Micro Ring Extensions

Accessories for micro ring extensions.

Micro ring extensions are applied mechanically, without heat. The microrings have a wearing time of 4-6 months. After that they have to be raised again. In our shop you get all the tools you need for attachment, removal and reuse. Our products are of high quality and meet all the requirements for professional use.

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Accessories for micro ring extensions

I-tip extensions

I-tip extensions have a tiny, almost invisible Keratin stick at the upper end of each strand. For application you need threader and micro-ring pliers.

Accessories for application of I-Tip Extensions

You need some small tools for application and removal:

  • Small template to separate your own hair evenly into strands
  • Threader with hook to pull hair through template
  • Micro-Rings to connect your own hair with the extension strands
  • Threader with loop to pull your own hair through micro-ring
  • Pliers to firmly close and later remove the micro-rings

Micro-ring Loop Extensions

Micro-ring loop extensions have a loop at the top end to easily pull your own strand of hair through, which makes them so much easier to apply. You only need micro-ring pliers to firmly close the rings.

Accessories for application of Micro-Ring Loop Extensions

The loop is already attached to the strands so you only need the template to separate your own hair evenly into strands, a threader with hook and pliers.

If you want to reuse your extensions you need new micro-rings. Here you find a detailed guide on how to re-bond micro-ring loop extensions