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Bonding Extensions

Bonding extensions are a permanent, natural-looking hair extension that is attached using small wax pads and heat.
  1. Premium raw hair bonding extensions
    Premium raw hair bonding extensions
    Extensions made from untreated raw hair in premium quality for shrink-wrapping ❤ 0.8g and 1g strands - 40cm, 50cm and 60cm
    From £25.95
    Incl. VAT, plus shipping costs
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  2. Premium bonding extensions
    Premium bonding extensions
    Premium quality extensions for heat/ultrasonic welding ❤ 0.8g and 1g strands - 40cm, 50cm and 60cm
    From £25.95
    Incl. VAT, plus shipping costs
    Make it yours
  3. Premium bondings wavy
    Premium quality extensions for heat/ultrasonic welding ❤ 0.8g and 1g strands - 40cm, 50cm and 60cm
    From £19.32
    Incl. VAT, plus shipping costs
    Make it yours
  4. Bonding extensions - smooth
    Bonding extensions - smooth
    Extensions in standard quality for shrink-wrapping ❤ 0.5g and 1g strands - 30cm, 40cm, 50cm and 60cm
    From £5.68
    Incl. VAT, plus shipping costs
    Make it yours
  5. Bonding extensions wavy
    Bonding extensions wavy
    Extensions in standard quality for heat / ultrasonic welding ❤ 0.5g and 1g strands - 40cm, 50cm and 60cm
    From £11.95
    Incl. VAT, plus shipping costs
    Make it yours

Bonded Hair Extensions for a Natural Look

Have you always dreamed of having beautifully long, lush hair? Or are you dissatisfied with having too thin or sparse hair? Our pre bonded hair extensions made from real hair are the ideal solution for achieving a new and naturally beautiful look. This page will guide you through everything you need to know about our bonded hair extensions.

Personalized Advice for Bonded Extensions

Unsure which keratin bond hair extensions are right for you? Send us a photo of your hair, taken outdoors in natural daylight to avoid color distortion. We’ll provide personalized recommendations for the perfect color and length of your bonded hair extensions.

1. What are bonding extensions?

Unlike clip-in extensions, our keratin bond hair extensions are designed for permanent use. Applied by specialists, these bonded hair extensions are virtually undetectable and integrate seamlessly into your natural hair. Using small keratin bonds that soften under heat, these extensions are securely welded to your hair, offering a durable and firm hold.

Bonded hair extensions can remain in place for two to four months before requiring reapplication. The frequency of maintenance depends on your hair’s growth rate. High-quality hair allows for the extensions to be reapplied multiple times by releasing and repositioning the bonds.

2. How are bonded extensions attached and removed?

Each strand of our nano bond hair extensions features a small wax plate at the top that becomes pliable under heat. Positioned against a strand of your natural hair, the bond is secured using a heat tong or an ultrasonic connector. This method ensures a strong, lasting bond whether you choose flat or round bond types.

Removing bonded extensions is straightforward and can often be done at home. You’ll need a bond remover and a pair of pliers to "crack" the bonds, both of which are available in our accessories shop.

3. Benefits of Bonding Extensions

Bonded hair extensions offer significantly longer durability than other types of extensions, such as tape-ins. Though they require more effort to apply, the natural look and longevity make them a valuable investment. Specifically, flat bonds are nearly imperceptible, and the fine strands allow for precise placement.

4. Which hair types are suitable for bonded extensions?

Our bond hair extensions are compatible with all hair types. Modern application technologies like ultrasonic connectors allow even those with thin or damaged hair to enjoy the benefits of bonded extensions. We recommend consulting with a trusted salon that specializes in various types of hair extensions to find the best fit for your hair.

hair2heart Bonding Extensions mit Keratin

5. Proper Care of Bonded Extensions

To ensure the longevity of your bonded hair extensions, it’s crucial to use specially formulated care products:

  • Wash your hair no more than twice a week.
  • Carefully comb your hair twice daily with a brush designed for extensions.
  • Avoid blow-drying or washing your hair upside down.
  • Keep your hair tied in a braid during physical activities.
  • Schedule regular trims at your hairdresser to maintain the extensions.

6. Longevity and Comfort of Bonded Extensions

Bonded extensions are among the most durable types of hair extensions available. With proper care, these extensions can be reapplied multiple times, offering an economical long-term solution. Suitable for almost all hair types, bonded extensions provide a secure, comfortable, and stylish enhancement to your natural hair.

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Our mostly asked questions answered below.

How long do bonded extensions last?

Typically, bonded extensions can last 3-6 months, depending on the care and rate of hair growth.

What are the advantages of bonded extensions?

They offer greater durability and a more natural integration compared to other types. The precise application allows for a seamless blend with your natural hair.

How do I care for bonded extensions?

Regular washing with suitable products, careful combing, and routine maintenance cuts are essential to prolong the life of your extensions.