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Essential care products for hair extensions.

Whether you're looking for shampoo, conditioner, oils or styling products for hair extensions - we've got you covered.

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Care products for hair extensions

Your extensions are not connected to your scalp so they miss out on being supplied with natural nutrients and moisture. You cannot cover the needs of hair extensions with every-day-products from the next supermarket. To ensure a long as possible lifespan for your extensions you need to use special hair-care products.

The correct products for your extensions

Use our shampoo for extensions to wash your hair. It is enriched with Argan oil and doesn’t contain silicone or paraben.

Please use our special conditioner once or twice a week, it keeps your hair soft, smooth and silky and makes it easy to comb.

We recommend a special brush for hair extensions to detangle your hair gently without damaging the hair structure and connection points.

What else to be aware of with hair extensions?

You might have to change some habits wearing hair extensions, so we put together a how-to guide with useful tips and advice on how to live with hair extension: swimming, sport, sleeping and so on.