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Halo Hair Extensions

Halo Hair Extensions

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Halo Hair Extensions Made from Real Hair: Uncomplicated and Naturally Beautiful

Whether for an event or everyday wear, halo hair extensions offer a simple way to achieve dream hair in no time. Made from real hair, halo extensions are not only easy to apply but also gentle on your natural hair. Interested in learning more about them? We’re here to share our insights and experiences with halo hair extensions in the UK. Below, we explain what halo extensions are and how they work.

1. What are Halo Extensions?

Similar to clip-in extensions, Hair2Heart real hair halo extensions transform your look temporarily, enhancing your hair's volume and length. These extensions consist of wide strands of real hair attached over the head using a transparent nylon thread, blending seamlessly with your own hair. The weight of your own hair and small, discreet clips ensure the extensions remain securely in place.

2. Who Should Consider Halo Extensions?

Halo extensions are perfect if you're looking for a quick and easy way to extend your hair or experiment with a new style. They are particularly suitable for those with thin hair, as they add volume without stressing the hair. Unlike bonded or tape extensions, halo extensions are lightweight and non-damaging, making them ideal for temporary use and short hair.

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3. Benefits of Halo Hair Extensions from Real Hair

The main advantage of halo extensions is their ease of use. Even if you're new to hair extensions, you can achieve long, flowing hair within minutes. Halo extensions are attached without the need for glue, heat, or metal, making them exceptionally gentle on your hair and suitable for frequent use. Moreover, halo extensions are more affordable than many other types of hair extensions.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Gentle on your hair
  • Cost-effective
  • Available in various colors
  • No salon costs necessary

4. What Makes Hair2Heart Halo Extensions Unique?

As a family-run business, customer satisfaction is our top priority. You'll find only the finest halo extensions in our online store, made from silky, shiny 100% Remy hair. Our premium human hair wefts are meticulously sewn to ensure density and volume, available in a wide range of colors to match your natural hair perfectly.

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5. How to Attach Hair2Heart Halo Extensions

Attaching halo extensions is straightforward:

  1. Use a tail comb to part your hair horizontally from ear to ear, and clip up the top section.
  2. Place the halo extension around your head like a headband, adjusting the nylon thread to fit comfortably.
  3. Release the clipped hair to cover the extension and thread completely.

6. Removing and Caring for Your Halo Extensions

To remove the extensions, simply detach the clips and gently pull the halo away from your hair. Store them in a moisture-free environment to prevent damage. For maintenance, wash the halo extensions separately using a specialized shampoo and occasionally treat them with a hair mask. Dry and comb them gently to maintain their condition and shine.

7. Additional Insights

At Hair2Heart, we provide real hair halo extensions in a variety of beautiful shades, ensuring you find the perfect match. If unsure about the color, consider ordering a color ring to help select the ideal shade. Our team is always ready to assist with personalized color matching.

Our halo hair extensions are available in widths of 25 cm and the following lengths:

  • 30 cm with a hair weight of 80 g
  • 40 cm with a hair weight of 100 g
  • 50 cm with a hair weight of 120 g
  • 60 cm with a hair weight of 140 g

Halo Hair Extensions – The Simple Solution to Gorgeous Hair

Effortless and gentle, halo hair extensions let you achieve stunning, voluminous hair quickly. They are ideal for everyday looks and special events alike, offering an easy and affordable way to change your style. At Hair2Heart, you’ll find premium halo extensions that are not only top quality but also come with the right care products to keep them looking great.


Our mostly asked questions answered below.

Can others tell I'm wearing extensions?

The halo is designed to be invisible under your natural hair, especially if the color matches perfectly.

How long does it take to apply halo extensions?

You can attach them in just a few minutes without any professional help.

Can I do sports with halo extensions?

Yes, though it's advisable to secure them with a headband during vigorous activities.