Extension strands fall out

There are reasons if your extension strands start to fall out already shortly after you applied them. It could be the application process or the care you give…. Many reasons are easy to avoid, but there are some scenarios in which your hair is in danger. 

1. Mistakes before application

Please take care to prepare your own hair for applying extensions. Many styling products contain silicone, oils or alcohol. All residue of those have an impact on extensions, they slide, do not connect to your hair etc.

Please do wash your hair before application with a deep cleansing shampoo to remove all possible residue

2. Mistakes during application

If strands start falling out immediately after application, the mistake is usually in the application. It is important that the ratio between your own hair and the hair of an extension strand is correct.

The ratio should be 1:1, the same amount of your own hair as the extension hair strand.
Be particularly careful if your own hair is thin or weak, so that your own hair can actually easily carry the additional weight of an extension hair strand.

If you use micro-ring extensions and they slide out, perhaps you didn’t close the rings firmly enough. You really have to put pressure on the pliers to close the ring safey.


If you had the extensions applied by a hairstylist go back to her, she has to redo it for free. Best, that you check stylists out before you have extensions applied and choose one who really has experience in the technique you want.

Hairstylists who offer application of extensions need specific training.

3. Inappropriate care

Shampoos, hairsprays, dry shampoos, hair-mousse, which contain silicone, alcohol or citric acid can soften the connection points. Take good care that those products do not touch the connection points.
Normal conditioners and leave-in conditioners often contain ingredients, which can soften connection points, only add those into the lower half of your hair.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to use hair-care products, which were developed specifically for hair extensions, like our care-set

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4. Mistakes while styling

Generally, you can style your hair extensions like your own hair. Air-dry your hair only on medium setting, otherwise you might melt the connections.

If you use an iron for straightening or curling, again, never touch Keratin or tape connection points or they melt and strands slide out.

5. Quality of connection points

The quality of the connection points is as important as the quality of the hair.

We investigated a long time to find high quality connection points, you can be sure that our tapes, micro-rings and Keratin bondings are the best available quality.

You find them on our accessory page

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6 Colouring hair

Although in principle you could do it, we do NOT recommend colouringhuman hair extensions. It will inevitably reduce the lifespan of your extensions. It often results in uneven colours as your hair and extensions will react differently to the dye.

If the dye gets in contact with the connecting points they will be damaged, become porous and loosen.
If you want to tint your extensions, always change from light to darker. Extensions hate bleaching!

Problem solving:

If your extensions start falling out after colouring, you will have to remove them. Then you can add new Keratin tips / tapes / micro-rings to the strands and re-apply them.

If you have to dye your roots regularly, wefts or tape extensions are better than Keratin bonded extensions as they are faster to remove and re-apply. You could combine dyeing roots with re-applying extensions.

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7. Worst case-Scenario

Extensions can be replaced, your own hair cannot! If your own hair starts falling out after you added extensions you will have to act quickly!

There are two possibilities:

  1. Your own hairs broke and fell out with the extension strand
  2. The weight of the extension strand pulled out your own hair with the roots (you would  see the white tiny dots at top of hair)

If one of these options happen have your extensions removed immediately and professionally, or you will permanently damage your hair or even develop bald spots.

The reason for it to happen might be that the extension strand was attached to too few of your own hairs and they were too weak to hold the weight of the extension strand.

If your own hair is very fine or weak we recommend switching from permanent extensions to clip-in extensions as those are worn only for a few hours at a time and won't damage your own hair. You will find affordable clip-in extensions and also Premium Quality Remy clip in extensions in our online shop.

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