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Falling Extensions

If your gorgeous mane falls out quickly after installation, there can be many reasons for it. Some can be prevented beforehand.

If your extensions strands fall out shortly after attachment, there are many reasons for it. From the installation to the maintenance... However, while most reasons are easily avoidable, there are also scenarios where your hair is at immediate risk.

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1. The mistake before installation?

When you decide to get extensions, you need to thoroughly prepare your hair for the hair extension. Many shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, or styling products contain silicones, oils, or alcohol. If residues of these care products remain as a layer on the hair, extensions cannot hold properly and can slip out.

It's best to wash your hair thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo before installation, which you can find in any drugstore. This way, your hair is well-prepared for the hair extension.

2. Mistakes during installation

If the hair falls out immediately after installation, the mistake is usually due to faulty attachment. It is important that the ratio between your natural hair and the extensions is correct. If the separated strands of your natural hair are too thick, bondings and tape-in extensions cannot properly attach to your natural hair.

The result: Your extensions slip out. If the strands of hair where the extensions are attached are too thin, your natural hair may not be able to hold the weight of the hair extension. In the worst case, hair can break off, causing the extensions to fall out.

For micro rings, the solution is sometimes as simple as it is frustrating – the micro rings were simply not compressed tightly enough.


Go to the stylist who attached the hair extensions for you. Installation mistakes should be corrected free of charge. When choosing a stylist, make sure they have the appropriate training and sufficient experience in hair extensions installation.

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3. Mistakes in care

Shampoos containing silicones, alcohol, or fruit acids can loosen the attachment points. The same applies to hair sprays, dry shampoos, and foam styling products. Unlike shampoo, it's often difficult to avoid such ingredients. Therefore, make sure that these styling and care products do not come into contact with the attachment points or have minimal contact.

Conditioners and treatments often contain nourishing substances that can loosen the attachment points, so they should only be applied to the lengths and ends

If it still happens, the strands will need to be reattached. However, before that, cleanse your scalp thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo so that the newly attached strands hold properly. You can find the right care products for extensions in our shop.

4. Mistakes in styling

Customers who do their own clip-in extensions often ask us if clip-in extensions can be sewn by themselves. In principle, sewing clip-ins into so-called flip-in extensions is not a problem. Simply attach a transparent nylon thread to the two ends of the weft for flip-ins. With its help, you can flip the hairpiece over your head like a headband and integrate it invisibly into your natural hair. The clips you previously attached when making clip-in extensions do not need to be removed. They prevent the hairpiece from slipping.

5. Quality of attachment points

The quality of extensions not only affects the wearing time of your hair extension but also its durability. When purchasing extensions, pay attention not only to the quality of the hair but also to the quality of the attachment points. If they are poorly processed and made of inferior materials, the rings of micro-ring extensions can break, tape extensions will not adhere properly, and bondings will not be permanently fused. By the way, this won't happen with the real hair extensions from our online shop.

6. Color treatment

Even though real hair can generally be dyed, we advise against dyeing extensions. Dyeing can damage the appearance and durability of your hair extensions. The color result is often uneven or too intense. If the attachment points come into contact with color or bleach, the bondings become porous, tape extensions do not adhere properly, and extensions can come loose.

If you still want to change the color of your extensions, always go from light to dark. Bleaching is not recommended for hair extensions.

Solution: If your hair extensions fall out after dyeing, you have no choice but to remove the hair extensions. You can re-bond the hair (attach new attachment points) and have them reinstalled.

7. Worst-case scenario

Extensions are replaceable, but your natural hair is not! If your hair falls out after a hair extension with your natural hair, quick action is required.

  • Your own hair has broken off and fallen out with the strand.
  • The weight of the extensions has pulled out the hair along with the hair root (visible by the small white dots at the base of the hair).

Please have your extensions professionally removed immediately. Otherwise, hair damage and, in the worst case, bald spots can occur.

The reason for this may be that the extensions were attached to thin hair, or your hair is too fine/weak to hold the extensions.

For very fine/weak hair, we recommend avoiding permanent hair extensions and opting for clip-in extensions instead. These are only worn for a few hours and do not damage even very fine hair. In our online shop, you will find both affordable clip-in hair extensions and premium quality Remy clip-in hair extensions.