Your Human Hair Extensions are itching – what now?

It is normal that newly put in hair extensions make your scalp slightly itchy in the first few days of wearing them. The additional weight of the attached strand irritates the roots of the hair, so they just need a bit of time to get used to it. However, if the itchiness starts only later or doesn’t stop at all, you’ll find some advice here.

1. Allergies to hair extensions

If you new hair extensions are still itchy after 48h there might be the possibility of an allergy. It could be a reaction on the Keratin, the glue of tape extensions or the metal of the micro-rings.

If you tend to allergies it might be good to have some test strands applied, cut them to the normal length of your hair and wait a week to see what happens.

If there is no reaction after a week, all is fine.

Intolerance – what now?

Bad news first – if you show an intolerance to one kind of hair extensions you have to remove them. Good news, you can still use other methods of hair extension.
We recommend using our Remy Premium Quality Clip Extensions if your scalp is very sensitive, you wear them only for some hours and never sleep in them.

Premium clip extensions

  • Indian Remy human hair
  • Premium quality with warranty*
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2. Your scalp is itchy after washing your hair

No worries, it might well be that some shampoo or styling product residues remained at the roots of your hair, which make your scalp itch.

Make sure you rinse your hair generously after washing. Use your hair-dryer only on medium setting to dry particularly the roots of your hair and the connection points of your extensions.

Take especially good care if you wear wefts sewn into cornrows, because residue likes to gather in the cornrows.

Even if it takes time, always rinse your Rapunzel hair thoroughly. Well worth the effort!

3. Your scalp is itchy and extension strands are falling out

This is an emergency case! If your scalp is not only itchy but extension strands fall out together with your own hair the strands on which the extensions were applied to were to thin. They cannot bear the weight, start to itch and fall out.

In the worst case the hair-roots develop an inflammation, which can create bald patches on your scalp.
In this case go directly without detour to a good hairstylist and take the extensions out.

4. What can you do for an itchy scalp?

On the internet you find many „remedies” for itchy scalp, from lavender oil to olive oil to mayonnaise, just forget all of them! Using oily products softens the connection points and your extensions will slide out.

What helps is a very gentle head massage, which relaxes the scalp.

Camomile tea is very soothing for the scalp, just make camomile tea, allow it to cool to skin temperature and wet the roots of your hair with it for 15 min before you have a shower. This helps and protects the connection points.

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