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Tangled and Dry Extensions

Tangled and Dry Extensions

We explain why extensions become tangled and coarse. Additionally: How to prevent it from happening in the first place and what really helps when it has already reached that point.


When extensions become tangled, knotted, or coarse shortly after installation, the dream of having long, flowing hair turns into a nightmare. We will reveal the reasons why extensions get tangled and provide solutions.

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1. Why do extensions get tangled or become coarse?

When extensions become tangled, knotted, and coarse, it is due to a damaged cuticle layer. When hair rubs against each other, the cuticle layer becomes rough, leading to tangles and dullness.

There can be several reasons for this:

  • Hair quality
  • Incorrect care/care products
  • Chlorinated water/seawater during vacation
  • Color treatments

2. Origin and quality of the hair

Synthetic hair extensions are generally more prone to tangling and knotting, which is why the affordable alternative with synthetic hair extensions is only recommended for clip-in extensions that are worn for a day/evening.

Southeast Asian human hair is the cheapest hair used for extensions. To adapt it to the European hair structure, Asian hair is chemically treated and the cuticle layer is removed. This means that Southeast Asian human hair does not stay as beautiful for as long as, for example, Indian Remy human hair, which has only been bleached and dyed.

The highest-quality hair is known as raw hair, which is available from all countries. The only difference lies in the color nuances. While Indian raw hair is only available in dark brown/black-brown, European raw hair is available in all colors. However, this European hair is very rare and, accordingly, very expensive. Raw hair is completely natural and uncolored.

3. Extension care

Often, the cause of damaged extensions can be found in the care routine. Drugstore products often do not provide proper care for human hair extensions. We have developed a care series in collaboration with a German cosmetics manufacturer that is tailored to the needs of our extensions and provides optimal care.

Buying this care series not only guarantees the best care for our extensions, but it also allows us to provide a guarantee for our premium quality hair. You can find instructions on how to properly care for extensions on here.

4. Dyeing and bleaching extensions

We strongly advise against dyeing or We strongly advise against dyeing or bleaching extensions. Pre-treated hair extensions are heavily stressed by colouring. The result is dry, dull hair. We often receive emails from customers reporting that their hair becomes damaged after using silver shampoos. The surfactants contained in silver shampoos dry out extensions. A good hair mask is the better choice here.

5. Tangled extensions after vacation

To prevent your extensions from coming into contact with aggressive chlorinated water or saltwater, you must tie up your hair before swimming. A sun hat protects your hair extensions from harmful UV rays!

6. Tangled hair at the roots

Due to natural hair shedding, we lose up to about 100 hairs per day. Normally, loose hairs are removed through everyday brushing or combing. If you have extensions, the fallen hairs can get caught and tangled at the attachment points. Regular maintenance trims every 4 weeks prevent tangling. During this process, the stylist removes loose hairs at the attachment points, checks and "repairs" them if necessary.

7. How can I prevent tangled/coarse extensions?

The secret recipe is simple. If you follow these pieces of advice, you will no longer have problems with coarse/tangled extensions:

  • Pay attention to the quality of the hair you order. We understand that it is also a matter of cost. Therefore, we have a wide selection of Remy human hair extensions in our shop that are still affordable. Our premium quality is approximately 30% more expensive than the standard quality, but these hairs are Remy, and in combination with our care series, we offer a guarantee on the hair quality.
  • Order the appropriate care series along with the extensions. This way, you no longer have to wonder if the care products are correct or not, and you will always be on the safe side.
  • Follow our care instructions for hair extensions
  • Avoid dyeing the hair - you will surely find the right color in our extensive range

8. The hair is already tangled - What really helps

All the good advice for prevention is fine, but what do you do when the hair is already coarse and tangled?! There is only one solution: Care, care, and more care. If you want to keep your hair extensions, it's time for damage control.

Wash your hair as usual and squeeze out the excess moisture with a towel

Apply the treatment to the lengths and ends (avoid contact with the attachment points!).

Place a towel on your shoulders and relax on the couch for at least 20 minutes.

Thoroughly rinse out the treatment with cold water.

If the hair is dry, tangled, and straw-like in the lengths, you can additionally use a leave-in conditioner like our spray treatment. It further de-tangles the hair and seals it after an intensive treatment.

Our tip serum with argan oil and Moroccan oil is the ultimate care for dry ends and straw-like hair. You can apply this hair oil daily to your hair – no need to rinse it out!

When everything else doesn't help:

If all the care doesn't help anymore, heat is the answer. With a straightening iron, you can tame straw-like extensions and bridge the time until your next appointment with a stylist.