Matted and Dry Extensions

If extensions start matting, knotting or drying out already short ly after you had them applied your dream of long hair becomes a nightmare.
We explain why it can happen and how to avoid it.

1. Why extensions matt or knot

Extensions start matting or knotting when the cuticles of the hairs are damaged, the damaged hair rubs against each other and starts matting.

There are different reasons:

  • Quality of hair
  • Wrong care products
  • Seawater / chlorinated water
  • Colouring hair

2. Origin and quality of hair

Kanekalon extensions matt more easily than human hair extensions. We recommend them only as clip extensions for a night out or a special event.

Human hair from Southeast Asia is the cheapest human hair available. In order to match it to the structure of European hair it undergoes a chemical treatment, which strips away the cuticle of each hair. This chemical treatment makes the hair more susceptible to matt or knot as opposed to Indian Remy hair, which keeps the cuticles intact and is only bleached and dyed.
The best quality is the so-called “Raw Hair”, which is totally untreated. Indian Remy hair is available in our shop in its natural colours of black and dark brown. European raw hair is extremely rare and expensive.

Suggested products

3. Inappropriate care

Never ever use normal shampoo or conditioner, always use shampoo and conditioner specifically made for hair extensions!
In cooperation with a German cosmetic company we developed a range of care products for hair extensions, they contain everything hair extensions need.

Warranty on our Premium quality Remy hair is only valid if you buy and use our care-set. Find more information on ho to care for your extensions <here>.

4. Colouring and bleaching extensions

Don’t! Never ever dye or bleach extensions. And, while we are at it, never ever use silver shampoo on them!

5. Matted hair after holidays

Wear your hair up when swimming and don’t dive in both seawater and chlorinated water. Wear a sun-hat to protect your hair against UV rays.

6. Matted hair at the roots

We are shedding about a 100 hairs naturally each day, which normally are combed or brushed out through our daily care routine.
If you wear extensions it can happen that the shed hair wraps around the connection points and matting starts. Have a regular cleansing cut at a hairstylist every four weeks or so, she will remove all loose hair and also check on the connection points and „repair" them if necessary.

7. How can I avoid matting and knotting

Our secret recipe is very simple. Follow this advise:

  • Use quality extensions! We do understand that it is often a question of affordability. If you opt for Standard quality care for them as good as you can!
  • Our Premium quality is about 30% more expensive than Standard quality, however you get a warranty* of 3 months on the hair quality if you buy and use our care-set.
  • Please do follow our advise on how to care for extensions
  • Do not colour or bleach extensions, we are sure you will find the right colour in our wide range of colours.

8. Hair is matted already – what now?

All that advise sounds good – but what do you do if the hair is already matted? Limit the damage.

Use the best care products you can get your hands on or use coconut oil as follows:

  • Wash you hair gently and equally gently towel-dry it
  • Distribute deep conditioner or coconut oil onto the hair without touching the connection points
  • Cover hair with a towel and allow to soak for at least 20min
  • Rinse generously

If your hair is matted and knotted in the lower half add a leave-in conditioner, it detangles and seals the moisture into the hair.

Moroccanoil / Arganoil

The fatty acids in Moroccan oil make it an excellent moisturizer. It can improve the appearance of dry hair and add shine to hair

If all fails:

If all fails heat is the answer, use a straightening iron to tame the hair until you get an appointment with your hairstylist.

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