How to dye or bleach human hair extensions

Our human hair extensions are made from 100% human hair. The affordable standard quality is made from Southeast Asian hair, whereas our premium quality is made from Indian Remy hair.

Naturally, the hair is dark brown or black and is, after cleaning, bleached in order to prepare it for the dyeing and sealing process. Of course, the hair is slightly stressed after this process and won’t like more dyeing.

1. Important! Do not colour Standard Quality Extensions!

In addition to above mentioned dyeing process the cuticles were removed from hair in standard quality and the hair underwent a sealing process. So please DO NOT COLOUR standard quality extensions! Manual below refers to our Premium Quality Extensions only.

2. Colouring Premium Quality Remy Human Hair

Yes, in principle you can colour this quality, however we advise against it. Particularly cheap colouring products contain peroxide and ammonia. They open the cuticle layer of each hair and penetrate deeply into the hair damaging it in the process.
If you insist on colouring your extensions have it done by a professional who uses a high-quality product.

3. The Gentle Alternative - Tint your Extensions

It’s much gentler for your hair to tint it. A tint creates a layer of colour around your hair, without penetrating it. You can easily use a tint to get some nuances darker hair

4. To bleach Extensions – poison for your hair!

Bleaching your extensions is an absolute NO-GO! Blonde colouring agents contain peroxide, which opens the cuticles and each hair loses its smoothness. The result is dry straw-like hair. If you want to become blonde, colour your own hair and find the matching blonde extensions in our shop

5. Correct way of colouring Extensions – Protect connecting parts

If you still want to colour your extensions despite the above-mentioned risks, it is important that the colouring agent never ever touches the connecting pieces, like bondings, micro rings or tapes. They will become brittle and won’t hold properly anymore if they get in touch with the colouring agent.

6. Wash Extensions with silver shampoo?

Again and again we receive emails from clients telling us that silver shampoo has damaged their extensions. Of course, it does! Silver shampoos are deep-cleansing and need to be absorbed, which of course dries out the extensions and makes them straw-like and brittle.

Our advisedo not touch silver shampoo while you have extensions in your hair. Rather use nourishing caring shampoos and conditioners.

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7. Again – to dye or not to dye

Yes, we do have clients who dyed their extensions successfully. But we have also clients where dyeing became a disaster.

After telling you all this we now leave it up to you to dye or not to dye.
Extensions, which have been dyed by a client cannot be returned.

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