How to correctly care for Clip In Extensions

Clip In Extensions don’t need as much care as permanent hair extensions, but they need some care. Often they are used just for a special occasion, for a day or an evening. So we assume you won’t go jogging with them or leave them in when you go to bed. If you use them daily, wash them only every second week.

Washing Clip In Extensions

Remove the extensions from your hair and brush every piece gently but thoroughly, start at the bottom and work your way up to the top. Add a small amount of shampoo to a basin of lukewarm water and carefully place one piece after the other into the water, leaving each one for just 2-3 min.

Rinse them thoroughly and place them on a towel. Repeat until all pieces are on the towel.

Now add a small amount of conditioner to a basin full of lukewarm water, again place one piece after the other into the water, leaving it there for just 1-2 min. Again rinse and place all pieces on a towel and allow them to dry.

After Hairwash

When your clip-ins are washed and pampered with conditioner place them on a towel to dry or dry them carefully with a hairdryer on medium setting only. If you use a hairdryer blow from the clips downwards to avoid knotting.

Another option is to hang the clip ins on hooks and allow them to dry hanging.

When they are totally dry carefully comb them with your fingers first and then brush them, starting from the top working downwards. Never ever brush extensions when they are still wet, it will damage the hair structure!


If you want to style your extensions when dry with an iron spray some heat protector onto the hair when it's towel-dry, it will prevent damage.

How to store Clip-In Extensions

The event is over, and you want to store your clip-in extensions safely until you need them again. This is how to do it:

  • Hair must be completely dry
  • Bundle the hair neatly near the clips with an elastic (no metal on the elastic!)
  • Weave a loose braid and close it with another elastic.
  • Stored like that they won't knot or matt and you can keep them store for months.

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