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Proper Care and Storage of Clips

Proper Care and Storage of Clips

Guide to caring for and storing your clip-in extensions. This will keep your clips looking beautiful and give you long-lasting enjoyment!


To ensure you enjoy your clip-in hair extensions for a long time, proper clip-in extension care is essential. But how do you wash clip-in extensions? In our extension guide, we will answer this question and provide you with valuable tips on washing clip-in extensions.

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1. How do I wash my clip-ins?

Since clip-ins are only attached to the hair for a few hours, many customers ask us: Do I need to wash my clip-in extensions? The answer is yes. Just like your natural hair, extensions also accumulate dust, dirt particles, and odors over time. To remove these, it is important to wash your clip-in extensions. To avoid unnecessary strain on your real hair clip-ins, here is a guide on how to wash them:

Before washing, remove your clip-in extensions from your hair. Leaving clip-in extensions in your own hair while washing would unnecessarily weigh down and strain the hair roots when wet. It would also be quite inconvenient to wash your own hair with the clip-in extensions attached.

  1. Gently detangle your clip-in extensions with your fingers before washing. Then, brush each extension strand individually from bottom to top.
  2. Sort your clip-in extensions for washing according to their size (e.g., 1-clip or 2-clip pieces).
  3. Add some clip-in extension shampoo to a basin of lukewarm water.
  4. Hold the top end of your clip-in extensions while washing and dip the lengths into the water.
  5. Gently wash each extension strand from top to bottom.
  6. Rinse your clip-in extensions thoroughly with lukewarm water after washing.
  7. Apply some conditioner to your extensions and let it sit.
  8. To remove the conditioner, wash your clip-in extensions again.
  9. For a beautiful shine, rinse your clip-in extensions with cold water after washing.

2. Can I shower with clip-ins?

You should never wash your hair together with clip-in extensions in the shower. Since extensions made of human hair are not nourished with moisture and nutrients from the scalp like natural hair, washing clip-in extensions in the shower would unnecessarily dry them out and make them dull over time. To gently remove clip-in extensions from your hair before washing or showering, follow these steps:

  • Gently brush your hair.
  • Divide your hair above the extension with a tail comb and secure it with a sectioning clip.
  • Open the attachment clips and remove all clip-in extensions from your hair before washing.
  • Now you can wash your hair as usual without the clip-in extensions.
Care for clip in extensions

3. What shampoo should I use to wash clip-in human hair extensions?

To properly care for clip-in extensions, it is essential to use specialized extension hair care products. To keep your hair extensions silky, shiny, and smooth for a long time, use a shampoo for washing clip-in extensions that does not contain silicones, alcohol, or oils. Our shampoo is perfect for washing clip-in extensions. The hair2heart cream shampoo cleanses gently and nourishes your clip-in extensions with valuable ingredients while washing. For further care of your human hair extensions, we recommend our 2-phase spray treatment. It provides your clip-in extensions with valuable nutrients and ample moisture after washing.

4. How often do clip-ins need to be washed?

Since clip-ins are only worn for a few hours and should not be left in the hair during physical activities, frequent washing of clip-in extensions is not necessary. Clip-ins made of high-quality Remy human hair from hair2heart can usually be worn 10 to 15 times before needing to be washed. It is only after this period that you should wash your clip-in extensions. The less frequently human hair extensions are washed, the longer they will last. Important: Residues of hairspray or styling products must be regularly removed from extensions. Instead of washing clip-in extensions, brushing out the styling products is usually sufficient.

5. Can I wash the attachment clips?

If you want to wash the attachment clips of your clip-in extensions, you can clean them with lukewarm water and some shampoo. However, to avoid damage, we recommend not washing the attachment clips together with the clip-in extensions. Any dirt particles on the clips can be easily removed with a cotton swab and water.

6. How do I best dry clip-ins after washing?

To dry wet clip-in extensions after washing, simply place them on a towel and gently squeeze out the water. You can also easily dry human hair extensions on medium heat with a hairdryer. Make sure that the attachment clips are not exposed to direct heat. After washing, briefly blow-dry individual strands of your clip-in extensions before brushing them out. This prevents damage to the cuticle layer of your clip-in extensions after washing.

7. What else should I know about clip-ins and hair2heart?

Clip-in extensions made of human hair from hair2heart are perfect for women who want to change their look for special occasions without damaging their hair. Since frequent washing of clip-in extensions is not necessary, this type of hair extension is particularly easy to care for and uncomplicated. Whether you want a long mane or a voluminous ponytail, hair2heart has the right clip-ins for every look. We offer high-quality clip-in human hair extensions that can be washed and styled in the following variations: - Premium volume clip-in sets - Premium flip-in extension sets - Premium seamless clip-in sets Our clip-ins are available in lengths of 30, 40, 50, and 60 cm and weigh between 100-180 g. To properly care for your clip-in extensions, you can find high-quality care products in the hair2heart online shop, which we develop in collaboration with a renowned manufacturer. The selection ranges from clip-in extension shampoo to clip-in extension conditioning treatments. With proper care, our clip-ins have a lifespan of at least one year.


In our hair extension guide about "washing clip-in extensions", we have summarized all the essential information for properly caring for human hair extensions. In general, the less you need to wash clip-in extensions, the longer they will last. Since clip-ins are only worn for a few hours, you can wear your clip-in hair extensions approximately 10 to 15 times before needing to wash them. When it's time to wash clip-in extensions, it is important not only to use special extension care products but also to follow our washing guide carefully. With it and the hair2heart care tips, you will properly care for your clip-in extensions and enjoy wonderfully smooth and shiny hair extensions for a long time.