Increase Volume with Extensions

Not every woman has naturally thick and full hair. If your hair is thin or you lost volume through pregnancy or illness extensions might be just right for you. But which method of hair extensions is the right one for you? Here we explain the pros of the different methods available.

1. Which method is the best for you?

This depends solely on your own hair. Some women just have genetically less hair, but the hair is healthy and strong. That means you can use any method.
But, if your hair is fine, and you suffer from hair-loss or breaking hair you need to use the gentlest method.
However, there is no absolute perfect method, what we suggest is coming from years and years of feedback from our clients.
Our recommendation is if you have fine hair and/or some problems with your hair it's best to use tape extensions.

2. Our recommendation – Add volume with tape extensions

No other method is as gentle to your own hair as tape extensions. You don’t need heat, the tapes lie flat on your scalp, there are no pressure points and it’s invisible.

The weight of an extension strand is distributed over the width of the tape, an important factor when you have thin hair.
To add volume using tape extensions, you will need 5-20 tape strands, which translates into 1-4 packs of tape strands. Due to your own hair growth, you will have to re-apply them after 6-8 weeks, which is fairly easy.

In our shop you find Premium Quality Remy tape extensions, which are perfect for adding volume. Have them fitted at your trusted hairstylist.
For our Premium Quality Remy Tape Extensions, we offer a 3-months warranty* on the quality of the hair.

Premium tape extensions

-> Indian Remy human hair
-> Premium quality with warranty*
-> Weight: 25g per pack
-> Adhesive area: 4cm x 1cm

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Our Tip for very fine hair:

If you have very fine hair use our Invisible Tape Extensions, nobody, even if they have the eyes of an eagle will see them.

2. alternative: hair thickening with wefts to sew in

Hair wefts are an alternative to tape extension if you want to add volume to thin hair, as this method is also almost invisible. The hairstylist braids corn-rows mostly over the back of your head and sews the wefts onto the corn-rows. Usually, one weft is enough to add volume for 6-8 weeks.

You will have to find someone who is adept at braiding corn-rows in European hair. It’s a different technique to “weaving” which you find in afro-shops, as you will need only about 1-3 corn-rows on the back of your head.

Premium human hair weft

-> Indian Remy human hair
-> Premium quality with warranty*
-> Weight: 100g

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3. Add volume with Bonding Extensions

Our 0.5g Bonding hair extensions are a good choice to add volume at the back of your head. You would need 25 – 150 strands. They can stay in your hair up to 3 months then you should remove them as they become visible due to the growth of your own hair. You can re-bond and reuse them, though.
This method is good if your own hair is strong. For weak hair the weight of the strands is too much.

4. Add volume with Clip Extensions – for that special moment

An event, a wedding, a party this is where Clip Extensions are so useful! Lengthen you hair just for the night, the day or the party, so fast to apply, no damage to your own hair. But you never sleep with them in your hair!

Tip: To make the clips hold even better backcomb you hair at the roots

In our shop you find clip extensions with 7 wefts in different widths

Premium clip extensions

-> Indian Remy human hair
-> Premium quality with warranty*
-> Weight: 40cm/50cm: 100g - 60cm: 120g
-> 7-piece set

To your dream mane in just 5 minutes - gently and easily

5. The difference between lengthening your hair and adding volume to your hair

If you want to lengthen your hair and achieve a natural look you need many more extensions than for adding volume.

To add volume you can decide just how much volume you want. You might not want a lion’s mane but just some more volume. Often 20-40g are enough to achieve a healthy-looking ponytail or the styling you always dreamed of.

6. The pro of adding volume with extensions

It works!!! That’s the biggest pro! It's invisible! Make sure it’s real good quality human hair you buy, like our Premium Quality Hair Extensions.

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