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Hair Thickening with Extensions

Hair Thickening with Extensions

Thin, fine hair? Not everyone naturally has thick and healthy hair, but using the right extensions can help!


Flat hair and thin braids? Tape extensions for thin hair are the solution for many women to finally feel attractive again. When you permanently thicken thin hair with tape extensions, your hair will look wonderfully strong and voluminous. Find out why tape extensions are worth it even for very thin hair and how to apply tape extensions for fine hair here.

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1. Can tape extensions be used for thin hair?

The most important thing to note is that tape extensions are highly recommended for thin hair. The integrated hairpieces give your fine hair a naturally voluminous look that lasts for 6-8 weeks. If you choose tape-ins that are longer than your natural hair, not only will you gain more thickness, but you will also transform your hair into a long, dreamy mane. Since tape extensions can be applied gently to thin hair, even delicate hair won't be stressed or damaged. Removing tape-in extensions from thin hair is also not a problem.

2. Why are tape extensions particularly suitable for thin hair?

Since the wider real human hair extensions do not weigh down fine hair, tape extensions do not damage thin hair at the roots. This prevents the feared hair loss. Additionally, tape-ins are attached to the hair with an adhesive strip. Due to the particularly flat connection points, tape extensions for thin hair lie close to the scalp and are not noticeable.

3. Do I need more extensions if I have thin hair?

No. Typically, fewer tape extensions are required for thin hair to achieve more volume compared to thicker hair. Since hair2heart tapes are 4 cm wide, you will need an average of 2-4 packs of hair2heart tape extensions for a complete hair thickening on thin hair. Furthermore, the amount of tape extensions needed for very thin hair is even lower, making permanent hair thickening with tape-in extensions more affordable.

4. What should be considered when using tape extensions on thin hair?

  • Just like with any hair extension, the length of the hair should be at least 8 to 10 centimeters when applying tapes to fine hair. This ensures that the transitions between the tape-in extensions and natural hair are not visible and look natural.
  • To avoid burdening fine hair with tape extensions, the overall hair thickening should not be too heavy. Additionally, tape extensions should not be applied too close to the scalp on thin hair. This way, neither the hair nor the scalp will be stressed by the tape-ins.
  • Make sure to choose high-quality tape extensions for fine hair. While premium extensions from hair2heart may be slightly more expensive, they are reusable multiple times, making the investment in tape extensions for thin hair worthwhile in the long run.
  • Every hair extension or hair thickening is only as good as the extension care. Since fine hair is often sensitive, you should carefully care for your hair with tape extensions for thin hair using high-quality extension care products.
  • Our exclusive care series for extensions, which we developed in collaboration with a renowned cosmetics company, provides tape extensions with everything they need to stay long, wonderfully shiny, and smooth, especially for thin hair

By the way, the myth that tape extensions don't hold well with fine hair is absolutely false. When professionally applied, tape-ins can transform your thin hair into a dreamy mane for 6 - 8 weeks. After that, the tape-in extensions need to be removed and re-taped for repositioning.

5. What are the special features of tape-in extensions by hair2heart for thin hair?

By choosing hair2heart tape extensions for thin hair, you benefit from high-quality real hair extensions that will bring you long-lasting joy. Our tape-ins allow for easy and affordable volume and hair length enhancement. All you need are:

  • hair2heart tape-in extensions
  • styling comb
  • sectioning clips
  • mini hair clips
  • tape remover for later removal
  • tape for repositioning the extensions

You can find the extension accessories for your permanent hair extension in our hair2heart online shop.

Our tape extensions for fine hair are available in two qualities:

Premium tape-in extensions made from 100% Indian human hair:

For a natural hair thickening with tape extensions on thin hair, our premium tape-ins are the best choice. An intact, closed cuticle layer ensures that hair2heart tape-in extensions made from Remy hair are silky and full down to the tips. The high-quality hair strands blend perfectly with your own hair and can be repositioned multiple times.

Standard tape-in extensions made from 100% Southeast Asian human hair:

For affordable hair thickening or hair extension, hair2heart standard tape extensions are highly suitable for thin hair. Since hair strands made from Asian human hair are chemically processed to match the European hair structure, standard tape-in extensions are more delicate than premium extensions. However, with careful care, you can reposition hair2heart standard tape extensions on thin hair 1-3 times.

Our hair2heart quality promise:

Since the establishment of our online shop in 2012, our passion for beautiful and durable hair extensions has continuously grown. As a family-owned company from Bavaria, we place the highest value on the quality of our products to ensure that you feel fantastic with your dream mane. Whether it's tape-in extensions for thin hair, real hair wefts, bondings, or extension accessories, our online shop only offers products that we personally endorse for their quality.

6. What else should I know about tape extensions for thin hair and hair2heart?

To fulfill your individual hair dream, you can buy hair2heart real hair extensions in straight or wavy styles in the following lengths:

  • 40 cm
  • 50 cm
  • 60 cm

If hair2heart tape extensions are particularly suitable for thin hair, we recommend our micro-ring extensions for hair extension on slightly thicker hair.

To ensure your new dream hairstyle matches you perfectly, hair2heart offers tape-in extensions in a wide range of colors. The color palette ranges from natural blond and brown tones to eye-catching hair colors like red, pink, or blue. With our tape extensions for thin hair, you can create both natural and extravagant styles.

For a natural color result with tape extensions on thin hair, we recommend purchasing our color ring or ordering a sample strand. This way, you can conveniently try out which hair color suits you best at home. For an even more natural color result, you can also mix tapes in different shades for thin hair.

Of course, we are also available personally and will help you find the perfect hair color. Simply contact us via email or phone.

In conclusion:

If you're wondering if there are extensions available for thin hair, you can find the answer in our extensions guide. Tape extensions are recommended for adding volume to thin hair. When our high-quality hair extensions are expertly applied, they seamlessly blend into your own hair thanks to their flat adhesive strips. Since tape-ins are slightly wider, the weight of tape extensions is evenly distributed, avoiding strain on fine hair.

For a long-lasting hair thickening with tape extensions on fine hair, consider the following points:

  • Minimum length of natural hair: 8 - 10 cm
  • Avoid placing tape-ins too close to the scalp
  • Leave enough natural hair at the temples, crown, and top of the head
  • 2-4 packs of tape-ins are sufficient
  • Use hair2heart tape remover for removal

It's best to have hair2heart tape-in extensions professionally installed. This way, you can be sure that your hair extension or hair thickening with tape extensions on thin hair is not visible. As our tape extensions do not burden fine hair, your new hair extensions will fall beautifully and last for a long time!