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Our Hair Colors

Our Hair Colors

Not sure which color to choose? No problem! Here you will find all our available colors.


Finding the right hair color for extensions can be challenging. To help you choose the correct hair color for your hair extensions, we provide important tips in this extensions guide on the topics of hair color, extensions, and dyeing.

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Black shades

1. How do I find the right extension color?

For a seamless hair extension, the color of the extensions should match your natural hair. If you're uncertain about determining the color of your real hair extensions, we recommend using the hair2heart color ring for hair. Our color ring consists of removable sample strands in various natural and trendy shades. With its help, you can take your time to choose the right hair color for extensions at home. Tip: We're happy to assist you in determining the hair color for your extensions. Simply send us a daylight photo of your hair or a small hair strand. Contact us via email at [email protected]

2. What hair color is suitable for extensions?

When it comes to permanent hair extensions using bonding extensions or tape-ins, you should choose extensions that match your hair color and complement your appearance. For example, if you have naturally blonde hair, you should select a light hair color for extensions. For trendy looks, you can create fabulous hairstyles with ombre-toned extensions without dyeing your own hair. If you want a color effect, we recommend adding a highlight with a pink, purple, or black clip-in extension.

Brown shades

3. Can synthetic hair extensions be dyed?

The answer to this question is a clear no. If you try to change the hair color of synthetic hair extensions by dyeing them, the results will never be optimal. Synthetic hair is not porous, so the dye cannot penetrate the fibers. As a result, the hair color of synthetic hair extensions washes out immediately after dyeing.

4. Which extensions can be dyed?

In general, it is possible to change the hair color of human hair extensions by dyeing them. However, the outcome may vary depending on the quality of the human hair:

hair2heart standard extensions made of human hair

Extensions in standard quality are made of chemically treated human hair, which is sealed after coloring. While you can darken the hair color of standard quality extensions through dyeing, the result is often less desirable as the extensions become dull and brittle due to the coloring process.

hair2heart premium extensions made of human hair

Our premium hair extensions made of Indian human hair have an intact cuticle layer. Therefore, it is possible to change the hair color of the extensions to a darker shade through dyeing or toning. However, we advise against dyeing our premium extensions as the chemical hair dye significantly reduces the quality of the extensions, and it voids the hair2heart guarantee.

Dark blond shades
Light shades of blond

5. Can you touch up the roots with extensions?

If you have extended your hair, for example, with bondings, you can easily touch up the roots even with extensions. The important thing is to ensure that the hair color for the roots does not come into contact with the extension attachment points. If the keratin bondings or tape extensions adhesive comes into contact with hair dye, the attachments can loosen. It's best to cover the extension attachment points with aluminum foil before applying the hair dye. Tip: Since tape-ins need to be repositioned after 6-8 weeks, you can conveniently combine root touch-up with the readjustment of your tape hair extensions.

6. What can you do if the hair color of the extensions doesn't match?

If the hair color of the extensions doesn't match your hair, you can exchange your hair extensions at hair2heart within the 30-day return period. To avoid this situation, we recommend that our customers carefully determine the right hair color for extensions. Alternatively, you can adjust our premium extensions to your hair color by dyeing or toning. However, since the outcome of coloring may vary, we discourage changing the hair color of extensions. We do not guarantee that the desired results will be achieved through coloring.

Red shades
Ombre shades

7. What else should I know about extensions & hair2heart?

If you desire a feminine long hair look or want to add more volume to your fine hair, hair2heart is the right place for you. As a family-owned company, we provide extensive customer service and personally assist our customers in choosing the right hair color for extensions. Additionally, at hair2heart, you can choose from a wide selection of hair extension shades. In addition to classic black, brown, and blonde tones, you'll find almost every hair color for extensions to create stunning color effects. If you're unsure, the hair2heart color ring will help you find the optimal hair color.


For a natural hair extension, hair quality, professional installation, and the correct hair color of the extensions are crucial. It's best to choose hair extensions that blend perfectly with your natural hair. If you want a trendy look, you can also opt for ombre shades or vibrant hair colors for extensions. Unfortunately, dyeing extensions is only partially recommended. Especially with synthetic hair extensions, you cannot change the hair color through dyeing. If you need to dye your hair roots with extensions, it's important to ensure that the attachment points don't come into contact with the hair dye.

Highlighted colors
Pastel shades
Vibrant colors