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Before and After Pictures

We love before-after pictures! Do you love them too? Here you will find pictures of our customers.

If extensions become tangled, knotted, or straw-like shortly after installation, the dream of having long locks can turn into a nightmare. We'll reveal the reasons why extensions tangle and provide solutions.

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hair2heart before and after pictures

1. Which factors influence the before-after effect achieved through the use of extensions?

For a successful before-after effect with extensions, the quality of the extensions and the professionalism of the installation play an important role. At the same time, for a hair extension or hair thickening with an impressive before-after effect, the attachment method should be suitable for your natural hair. Here are the key factors to consider in order to create a before-after effect with a wow factor using your extensions:

  • Quality of the extensions
  • Quantity of the extensions
  • The right hair color
  • Choosing the appropriate method
  • Professional installation of the hair extension

By the way, clip-in extensions can provide a before-after hair extension effect with amazing results in just a few minutes. Simply clip them into your hair, and you can instantly have Rapunzel-like hair, becoming the center of attention at the next party or wedding – the decision for a before-after extension look is entirely up to you.

2. How long does the before-after effect last with extensions?

To enjoy a long-lasting impressive before-after effect with hair thickening or hair extension, it's important to ensure that the aforementioned factors are in place. Caring for your extensions is as important as styling them correctly to maintain a long-lasting before-after effect. You can find important tips on how to wash, care for, and style your new dream hair with extensions in our hair2heart extensions guide. While the before-after effect with clip-in extensions lasts only a few hours, bonding extensions can provide before-after looks that last for several months.

3. How long can I keep my extensions in?

The duration you can keep extensions with a before-after effect in your natural hair varies depending on the method used. However, it's time to say goodbye to hair extensions for a before-after effect once your roots start to grow out. Here's a brief overview of the different methods and the durability of extensions with a before-after effect:

Bonding Extensions
4 to 6 months
Tape-in extensions
6 to 8 weeks
Microring extensions
3 to 5 months
Nanoring extensions
3 to 5 months
Clip-in Extensions
One day

For a hair extension with wefts, the before-after effect depends on the method used to incorporate the extensions into your natural hair. If you choose weave extensions, the before-after look can last for approximately 2 months.

Customer pictures human hair extensions before and after
Before After pictures with human hair extensions

4. Which impressive pictures show hair2heart extensions in a before-after comparison?

A glance at our hair2heart extensions before-after pictures is enough to demonstrate that investing in our high-quality premium human hair extensions can be well worth it for you. The before-after effect is particularly impressive with wavy 50 cm extensions. In the before-after extension comparison, we illustrate the sensational impact of a professional hair extension on short hair. The before-after transformations of our customers' long manes showcase how easily you can fulfill your dream of more volume, fullness, or length. Simply be inspired by wonderfully smooth hair2heart extensions and before-after looks that are simply enchanting.

Do you have before-after pictures of your hair extension or hair thickening? Feel free to share them with us. We at hair2heart are thrilled to receive every photo!

hair2heart before and after pictures
hair2heart hair extension Before After

5. What makes hair2heart extensions special?

In just a few hours, hair2heart extensions can transform a short haircut into a flowing dream mane, achieving an impressive before-after effect. In our online shop, you will find only extensions of tested salon quality:

Premium extensions for before-after effects: These hair2heart extensions are made of 100% Indian Remy human hair. Wonderfully smooth and full, our premium quality extensions are perfect for a natural-looking hair extension that lasts a long time.

Standard extensions for before-after effects: As an affordable alternative to our premium extensions, our standard quality extensions are made of Southeast Asian human hair. As this hair is thicker than European hair, it is thinned using a chemical process. Therefore, our standard extensions are more delicate and require careful maintenance.

Pictures before and after with extensions
hair2heart customer pictures before and after

6. What else should I know about before-after extensions and hair2heart?

When purchasing before-after look extensions from hair2heart, you can choose from many beautiful hair colors. Our range of extensions for before-after effects spans from platinum-blond synthetic hair extensions to deep black extensions made from the best Indian raw hair. Whether wavy or straight, whether 40, 50, or 60 cm long hair extensions, at hair2heart, you will find extensions for every style at fair prices.


As you can see from our before-after extension pictures, achieving the dream of a full head of hair is easily accomplished with hair thickening or hair extension. To ensure that your hair look appears natural and suits you, it's important to not only purchase high-quality human hair extensions and choose a hair extension method that suits your natural hair but also have your extensions professionally installed for an impressive before-after effect. Depending on the installation method, you can create wonderfully thick and voluminous hair for several weeks or, depending on your mood, just for special occasions.