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Synthetic Extensions

Synthetic Extensions

Economical alternative to human hair extensions.

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Kanekalon synthetic hair

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Natural looking synthetic hair extensions

Kanekalon Extensions

Kanekalon is a a high-quality plastic fibre and the extensions look and feel very natural, you can hardly distinguish them from human hair. They are heat-resistant up to 160degree Celsius, you can straighten them easily. However, styling them with a hairdryer is not advisable.

Wavy Kanekalon Extension keep their waves after washing, just knead them into shape and allow them to air-dry.

Care Instructions

Kanekalon Extensions are not only affordable but also easy to look after. What they do not like are alcohol or silicone in care products as well as heat. Wash your extensions separately from your own hair. Fill a basin with lukewarm water and add a bit of shampoo (without silicon!). Allow your extensions to soak in the basin for 3min, then rinse generously. If needed repeat it with a splash of conditioner in the lukewarm water. Carefully place the extensions on a towel and allow them to air-dry. You can also air-dry them hanging.

When dry gently brush the extensions starting from the bottom working your way up. Use a special hair extension brush for even more gentleness!

A secret tip

If the tips of the hair become a bit harder after some time, place just the ends in a basin and pour hot water over them, that rejuvenates the tips.