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Human Hair Wefts

Human Hair Wefts

Hair wefts in two quality levels.
Extensions to attach with microrings or weaving.

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Human Hair Wefts

Wefts are hair-pieces which look a bit like a curtain made of hair. They are sewn together at the top. You can cut them into any lengths you need, they keep their shape after cutting and do not frizzle out.

Hair wefts with warranty

We offer a 3 months warranty on the quality of the hair for Premium Quality hair wefts. Find detailed info on conditions of our warranty here.

Lengths & Widths

We offer premium quality Remy wefts in 40cm – 60cm length and standard quality wefts in 40 – 70cm length.

Width of wefts
Each pack contains one weft of human hair weighing 100g. This means that the width is dependent on the length.

  • 40cm length weft ca. 160cm wide
  • 50cm length weft ca. 140cm wide
  • 60cm length weft ca. 120cm wide
  • 70cm length weft ca. 90cm wide

You can choose from a wide variety of colours, from light blonde to deep black.

Wefts in two different qualities

You can buy our wefts in two different qualities, Standard Quality and Premium Quality.

We only use Indian Remy Human Hair for Premium Quality wefts. The cuticles of the hair are intact, and the hair is laid in the correct direction. Premium Quality wefts have a lifespan of 3-6 months, if you look well after them, even longer.

Standard Quality is a more affordable weft. Also made from 100% human hair from Southeast Asia, the lifespan is 1-3 months.

None of our wefts have an artificial silicone layer.

How long can you leave wefts in your hair?

This depends very much on the quality of the hair, the way they are applied and how you care for them. If you do and the wefts are applied professionally (either sewn in or applied with micro-rings) they can stay up to two months in your hair.

Then you need to have them removed, have the cornrows redone and sew them in again.

Have a look at our Weft Extensions guide for more information on methods to apply wefts.

How many wefts do you need?

Again, it depends on your own hair and if you want a full extensions or just add volume. If your own hair is rather fine one weft is enough. If your hair can be described as ‘normal’ you might need 2 wefts and if you have strong hair you might need 3 wefts for a full extension.

If you just want to add volume one weft is in most cases enough.