How to remove and reuse Wefts

When your own hair has grown so much that the connection points become visible it is time to take the weft out. Of course you can reuse our Premium quality wefts.

If your weft is sewn into corn-rows the seams between cornrows and wefts have to be cut open. Ask a friend to carefully do it or go to your hairstylist.

After removal of wefts the cornrows are opened and gently brushed and then redone. The wefts can be reused immediately.


If your weft has been glued into your hair you need a remover like „Extensions Release". Apply the remover onto the glue and allow it to soak. Then you can carefully pull the weft out. You can also pull out glue residue. Wash the weft and your hair to remove all leftover residue, then you can reapply the weft.

There are only relatively few micro-rings in your hair, remove them with pliers. It’s good to have the help of a friend or have a hairstylist do it. Wash the weft and your hair to remove all residue and you can reuse it immediately.
On our page „Accessories for Micro-ring Extensions” you will find everything you need to apply and remove micro-ring wefts

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