Apply Tape Extensions yourself

One of the many reasons why tape extensions are so popular is the easy and fast application without using heat.

We show you how to apply tape extensions yourself and tell you what to pay attention to.

Preparing your hair

Before applying extensions, wash your own hair thoroughly with a deep cleansing shampoo.

Section the upper part of your hair and fix them with clips so that you can work with the lower part.


Sectioning strands

With a comb section a strand of your own hair in the same width and volume as a tape strand, ca, 2.5cm and clip that strand loosely to the upper hair.


Preparing tape-strand

Remove cover from a strand


Positioning tape strand

Now remove clip from small strand of your own hair, place the glue side of the tape strand directly under your own hair strand and place your own hair strand onto the tape.


Application of the lower strand

Carefully press your hair onto tape, keep about 1cm space between tape and scalp.


Application of the upper strand

Remove cover of a second tape strand and place the glue-side on top of your own hair strand, now press both tape strands with your own hair sandwiched in the middle firmly together.



Repeat strand after strand. Leave about 1cm space between strands and make sure that the strands in the next row are slightly staggered to achieve a natural look.


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