Remove and reuse Micro-ring Extensions

When your own hair has grown so long that the small rings become visible (after 2-3 months), its time to remove them and to re-apply them closer to your scalp.

Removing micro-ring extensions is as easy as applying them. The rings are inlayed with silicone which, when closed firmly, hold your hair. To remove them they just have to be opened again.

  1. Hold the strand you want to remove
  2. Place the pliers to the narrow ends of the micro-ring
  3. Press pliers until micro-ring is round again
  4. Carefully pull micro-ring and strand out
  5. Repeat until all micro-rings are removed


If you meet resistance, place pliers at a different angle and press to open. Carefully move micro-ring while pressing, it should open now.

We have new almost magical pliers specifically made for opening micro-rings, they are part of our professional Micro-ring 4-Set. The tips of these pliers are placed at the openings of the micro-ring and opened by pressing. This safes the micro-ring for reusing.

After you have removed the micro-rings they can be reused. I-stick extensions can be reused immediately.
With the loop extensions it sometimes happens that the ring breaks, then you have to remove it and add a new bonding before re-applying it.
To rebond micro-ring strands you need Keratin sticks or grains and a hot-pot or Keratin pistol.

  1. Melt Keratin in hot-pot or Keratin pistol
  2. Dip top end of strand into molten Keratin
  3. Or, if using pistol, add the molten Keratin to top end of strand
  4. Shape a stick of about 5mm length
  5. Cut off overhangs of Keratin

Done! No you can re-apply your micro-ring extensions again

Tip: We recommend to rebond a test strand to check if the new strand is thin enough to fit through the micro-ring

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