How to apply micro-ring loop hair extensions

To apply micro-ring loop extensions you do not need a heat connector, just special pliers. Here is a detailed manual for you:

1. Section your hair

With a sectioning comb create a horizontal parting and clip top hair up. Again with your sectioning comb divide a small strand from your own hair, approximately the same thickness of the extension strand


2. Prepare strand 

Thread your own hair strand through the big loop at the top end of the micro-ring strand.


3. Remove loop

Simply by pulling at the other end of the loop you thread your own hair strand through the micro-ring (keep the loop, you might want to use it to re-apply your extensions again later)


4. Correct placement of micro-ring

Push the micro-ring upwards until it’s about 0.4inch away from your scalp


5. Fasten micro-ring

Thoroughly (!!!) press the micro-ring with the pliers. Done!


6. Repeat

Repeat this with all strands. Between strands and between rows keep a distance of 0.4inch


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