Cut & Style Extensions

Human hair extensions give your hair length, volume and shine. You find them in many lengths and with different application techniques. Aside from the decision on an application technique, you would have to ask yourself how to cut and style your new hair. Find some information here.

We recommend having a first styling cut by a hairstylist after attaching your extensions. She will cut your hair so the extensions become invisible and look integrated into your own hair. If your extensions are much longer than your own hair, your hairstylist will give your style structure and definition with a cut.

It is almost impossible to cut your own hair well, please use a hairstylist you trust so that you feel happy with your hair.

Good quality hair extensions can be styled like your own hair. You can use a hair-dryer (on medium setting) a straightening or curling iron. Still, here some ideas to maintain the natural beauty of your extensions as long as possible.

Dry first, then style

Don’t brush your hair before it has dried. Use your fingers with your hair-dryer, and keep your hair-dryer on a medium setting, to protect your extensions from drying out.
Only when your hair is really dry you start styling. Use a protective moisture spray to reduce damage from heat by straightening or curling iron.

Keep your air-dryer and straightening / curling iron safely away from connection points, they can be damaged by heat and loosen.

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