Weft Hair Extensions - what they cost and how long application takes

To have long and voluminous hair is a dream of many women, attaching wefts to your hair is one way to fulfil that dream.

We recommend having your wefts applied professionally, but how long does it take and what are the costs?

1. Is it necessary to have it done at a hair stylist?

Yes and no. For wefts to look naturally and to hold safely they should always be attached professionally, however, it doesn’t have to be an expensive hairstylist doing this.

There are many semi-professional stylists who offer the weaving method for attaching wefts. Still, you would need to go to a hairstylist to have an integrating cut if needed.

2. How long does it take?

It depends very much on which application method you choose, how many wefts you want to have in your hair and which kind of styling you want to achieve. The weaving method usually takes 1-3 hours, depending on how many wefts are used.

The stylist will plait cornrows out of your own hair and sew the weft into the cornrows.

We offer all equipment needed in our online shop.

If wefts are attached with micro-rings or Keratin bondings it will take 1-2 hours. It is faster because using micro-rings or bondings the stylist leaves bigger distances between attachments to your cornrows.

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3. How much does it cost?

You will have to pay for the wefts you are going to use and for the time the stylist needs to attach them.

3.1. Weaving method

You can visit a stylist at an afro-shop or a hairstylist, the cost will be 100 – 300 Euro.
It always depends on how many wefts you want to attach.

3.2. Attaching wefts with glue

If you have your wefts glued to your cornrows it will cost you about 100 Euro

3.3. Attaching wefts with micro rings & bondings

Again, it will depend how many wefts you want to have attached, for a full head it might be up to 300 Euro.

4. How to save money

Many stylists buy wefts online and add a profit margin. If you bring your own wefts you can safe quite a lot of money.

Our Remy Human Hair Wefts in Premium Quality fulfill all requirements for a professional application, and we give you a 3-months warranty on the quality of the hair.

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