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Sewing Wefts into Clips

Sewing Wefts into Clips

Creating Customized Clip-In Extensions? You can make them yourself. Here, we'll show you how.


Making clip-in extensions yourself is a great idea for anyone looking for an affordable hair extension option for a special event or everyday wear. In our extension guide, we provide valuable tips on how to easily make clip-in extensions on your own. We'll also reveal why it's worth buying real hair extensions from hair2heart.

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1. Can you make clip-in extensions yourself?

Simply clip them into your hair - done. Clip-ins are a popular method to transform your hair into a fabulous mane for a few hours. Since clip-in extensions are not permanently attached to the hair, it's not a problem for beginners to make clip-in extensions themselves.

2. How can you make clip-in extensions yourself?

Clip-ins are wefts of hair that are attached to your own hair using small hair clips. To make clip-in extensions yourself, all you need to do is purchase real hair wefts and attach clips to them. To ensure that your homemade hair extensions look natural, it's important to choose good-quality hair. Wefts from hair2heart made from premium Remy hair are well-processed and ideal for making clip-in extensions yourself.

Make your own clip-in extensions

3. What do you need to make homemade clip-in extensions?

With hair2heart real hair wefts and the appropriate clip-in accessories from our online shop, you can easily make clip-in extensions yourself. Here are the items you'll need:

  • Real hair wefts in the correct length and color
  • Replacement clips
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Glue

Once you have all the necessary extension supplies, you can start making your first clip-ins using this guide:

  1. Cut the hair wefts to the desired width.
  2. Seal the open ends of the wefts with a small amount of glue.
  3. Layer multiple strands if necessary to create beautiful and dense clip-in extensions.
  4. Carefully sew or glue the hair layers together at the top.
  5. Place a clip on the left and right sides as well as in the middle of each weft.
  6. Sew the clips onto the weft using a needle and thread.
  7. Securely knot the end of the thread.

Important: When making clip-in extensions yourself, make sure to attach the clips to the rubberized side of the weft. This way, your homemade clip-ins will stay securely in your hair.

4. Can you sew clip-in extensions?

Customers who make their own clip-in extensions often ask us if it's possible to sew clip-in extensions themselves. In general, sewing clip-ins into flip-in extensions is not a problem. Simply attach a transparent nylon thread to the two ends of the weft to create flip-ins. This allows the hairpiece to be flipped over the head like a headband and seamlessly integrated into the natural hair. The clips that you previously attached when making clip-in extensions yourself do not need to be removed, as they prevent the hairpiece from slipping.

5. How many clip-in extensions do you need?

If you want to make clip-in extensions yourself, the number of clip extensions you need depends on:

  • The thickness of your natural hair
  • The circumference of your head
  • The desired end result

To accurately calculate how many clip-in extensions you need to make, start by measuring the circumference of your head. Then calculate the number and size of the wefts required. Usually, 5 to 10 hairpieces are sufficient for hair thickening or lengthening. For thin hair, making a 5-piece set of clip-in extensions is enough. For those with thicker hair, we recommend making a set of at least 10 clip-in extensions for a truly wow effect.

Tip: When making clip-in extensions yourself, it's important to choose wefts in the appropriate width for a natural result. For the back of the head, we recommend using 15-30 cm wide real hair wefts. For the side sections, make 5-10 cm wide clip-in extensions yourself.

6. How much can you save by making clip-in extensions yourself?

If you have the time and skill, you can save costs by making clip-in extensions yourself. However, to make it worthwhile, it's important not to skimp on the purchase of hair wefts for your clip-ins. If you invest in high-quality wefts made of Remy human hair, you can expect costs ranging from 65 to 190 euros per pack. Additionally, you'll need accessories like clips and a good pair of scissors to make clip-in extensions yourself. Considering the amount of time it takes to make clip-in extensions, the savings are usually less significant compared to purchasing a complete clip-in extension set.

7. What else should I know about clip-in extensions & hair2heart?

If you want to make clip-in extensions yourself to lengthen or thicken your hair, hair2heart offers a wide selection of wonderfully smooth extensions made from high-quality Remy hair. We have personally tested and ensured their quality. Different lengths and colors allow you to make individual clip-in extensions that blend perfectly with your natural hair. If you don't want to make clip-in extensions yourself, you can choose from the following options at hair2heart:

  • Premium Seamless Clip-In Extensions
  • Premium Volume Clip-In Extensions
  • Premium Flip-In Extensions

Our extension guide shows that it's easily possible to make clip-in extensions yourself. However, to create an invisible and long-lasting hair extension, high-quality hair wefts in the appropriate color are essential. They guarantee a wonderfully natural look and durability. In addition to excellent hair quality, it's important to follow the instructions and use the right accessories when making clip-in extensions yourself. If you lack the time or skill to make clip-in extensions yourself, you can simply clip beautiful clip-in extensions from hair2heart into your hair.

Video: Sewing Wefts into Clip-In Extensions

To illustrate the process, we have created a video for you on how to quickly and easily create your own customized clip-in extensions.