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Duration and Costs

Duration and Costs

Here you will learn about the different methods of hair extension application, how long a hair extension with wefts takes, and what it costs.


You may be wondering how much a weft hair extension can cost? The question cannot be answered in a general way. On the one hand, the cost of a weft hair extension depends on the amount of real hair wefts. On the other hand, the quality of the extensions and the extension method also influence the price of a weft hair extension. The cost of having the hair extensions applied by a hairdresser should also be taken into account. To give you an idea of how much money you need to budget for your dream hairstyle, our hair2heart Extensions Guide provides an overview of weft hair extensions and their costs.

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1. How much do wefts cost?

Depending on whether you desire abundant curly locks or just more volume for your hair, the cost of a weft hair extension can vary. The following cost factors should be considered when getting a hair extension with real hair wefts:

  1. Quality of the real hair wefts
  2. Number of hair weft packs
  3. Length of the real hair wefts
  4. Extension method.
  5. Hairdresser costs.

Since the cost of a weft hair extension can exceed 1000 euros, you can save money, for example, by ordering real hair extensions online. Just take a look at the hair2heart online shop. You will find high-quality real hair wefts in great colors at a fair price-performance ratio.

2. How much do real hair wefts cost?

Real hair wefts are a must for a naturally looking weft hair extension. While extensions made of real hair may cost a bit more, they outperform cheap synthetic strands with excellent quality, long durability, and natural color shades. The cost of extensions for a weft hair extension varies depending on the length of the hair strands. If you want to extend your shoulder-length hair, you will need extensions of 50 or 60 cm in length. If you have short hair, 40 cm long wefts will suffice for the hair extension, and the cost will be lower. For those on a smaller budget, you can find standard-quality real hair wefts at hair2heart. These hair wefts cost less and last for 1-3 months.

3. How many extensions do you need for a hair extension?

In addition to quality, the number of extensions also determines the price of a weft hair extension. The number of hair strands you need for your dream mane depends on: - Natural hair - Head circumference - Extension method - Desired hairstyle Since hair wefts are wide hairpieces, for a natural-looking result with fine hair, you will need 1-2 packs of hair2heart premium real hair wefts. For normal or thick hair, you will need 2-3 packs of real hair wefts, and the cost of a weft hair extension will increase accordingly. By the way, the cost of hair thickening is lower compared to.

Cornrows for wefts made of human hair

4. How much does a hair extension with real hair wefts cost at the hairdresser?

Even though the cost of a weft hair extension may be higher at the hairdresser, we recommend getting extensions professionally installed due to the experience with the corresponding hair wefts. Hairdressers offer the following attachment methods for real hair wefts:

  • Weaving extensions
  • Bonding Extensions
  • Tape Extensions
  • Microring Extensions
  • Clip-In Extensions

For the weaving method, the cost of sewing in the wefts ranges from 100 to 400 euros. If you want to extend your hair with bonding extensions, you can expect installation costs of around 200 euros or more. For the professional application of tape-in extensions, budget at least 200 euros. Clip-in extensions are more affordable. With this non-permanent method of weft hair extension, there are no hairdresser costs as you can simply attach the clips yourself. Tip: The costs for a professional weft hair extension can vary significantly from one hairdresser to another. If you want to get an overview of the prices for hair thickening or hair extension in advance, you can find information about weft hair extensions and the costs on the websites of hair salons.

5. Are the costs of weft hair extensions proportional to their durability?

The costs and durability of a weft hair extension vary depending on the extension method you choose

  • Bondings cost a bit more but last 3 to 4 months.
  • Tape-ins are relatively inexpensive but need to be readjusted after 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Microring weft hair extensions are more expensive than tape-ins, but they can stay in the hair for up to 4 months.
  • Weaving extensions are relatively affordable and last up to 8 weeks.

Once your extensions have grown out and the attachment points become visible, you will need to have your wefts readjusted. The costs for readjustment are usually lower than the costs for the initial installation of extensions. By the way, choosing clip-in extensions means you opt for a non-permanent weft hair extension. The costs for clip-ins are relatively low, but the durability of the hair extension is limited in time.

Hair extensions with wefts Cost Duration

6. What else influences the durability and costs of real hair wefts?

The durability of a hair extension is influenced not only by the extension method but also by the following factors. They determine whether the costs of a weft hair extension are worth it:

Extension quality

Premium extensions made from Remy hair are always the right choice for a long-lasting weft hair extension. The costs for our premium extensions may be higher, but since they can be reused multiple times, the investment is worth it to save costs in the long run for a weft hair extension. If you opt for standard extensions for your weft hair extension, the costs are lower. However, standard real hair wefts can only be reused to a limited extent. Tip: If you have very dark hair, it's worth taking a look at the premium real hair wefts made from untreated Indian raw hair in the hair2heart online shop. Thanks to their intact cuticle layer, our raw hair extensions are full from root to tip.

Extension care

Proper extension care is essential for the long-lasting durability of your weft hair extension. While high-quality extension care products may cost a bit more, our hair2heart care series, for example, is specifically designed to meet the needs of real hair extensions. At hair2heart, you will also find professional care tips for the long-lasting durability of your hair extensions.

7. What sets the prices or costs of hair2heart extensions apart?

At hair2heart, we want to fulfill every woman's dream of long or voluminous hair. That's why we keep the costs of weft hair extensions as low as possible in our online shop. Since we personally inspect our products, the costs and quality of every hair2heart weft hair extension are guaranteed. Depending on how much you are willing to spend on weft hair, you can buy real hair extensions online from hair2heart and choose between two qualities:

Premium real hair wefts made of 100% Remy hair

Our real hair wefts are made from Indian Remy hair, also known as temple hair. Even though premium weft hair extensions may cost more, the investment is worth it. Hair2heart extensions made from Remy hair are not only excellently crafted, but they also blend naturally with your own hair and provide an invisible weft hair extension. The costs of our real hair wefts vary depending on the length and width.

Standard real hair wefts made of Southeast Asian hair

If you choose our standard extensions made from Asian hair, you save on the costs of your weft hair extension. To match the thickness of Asian hair to European hair, our standard real hair wefts are thinned using chemical processes and then sealed. The result is a weft hair extension where the costs are significantly lower, but the quality is good with proper care. Tip: To enjoy your dream hair for a long time, don't skimp on the costs of your hair2heart weft hair extension. Our premium-quality extensions can be easily reused. Hair2heart standard extensions can also be readjusted once or twice with proper care, based on our experience with weft hair.

8. What else should I know about the costs of hair2heart real hair wefts?

After providing you with comprehensive information about weft hair extensions and their costs in our extension guide, we would like to tell you why it's worth buying extensions online from hair2heart. As you know, real hair wefts can be incorporated into your own hair in different ways. However, regardless of the method you choose, there are costs associated with sewing in or readjusting the wefts at the hairdresser. To save costs on a professional weft hair extension, you can bring your hair2heart real hair wefts purchased online to many hairdressers and stylists for installation. Just browse through our online shop. We offer our real hair wefts in straight or wavy styles in many beautiful shades and lengths of 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70 cm. Tip: If you want to spend less on your future weft hair extension, you can simply add a few color accents with our clip-in extensions for a new look.


The cost of a weft hair extension depends on various factors. Opting for a complete weft hair extension will result in higher costs compared to hair thickening for thin hair. The quality of the extensions also greatly influences how much you have to spend on your dream hairstyle. Premium-quality weft hair incurs higher costs than a hair extension with standard hair wefts from hair2heart. However, regardless of the type of extensions you choose, professional installation of real hair wefts is necessary for a beautiful result. Even though there are costs associated with sewing in the wefts at the hairdresser, you benefit from expert advice and gorgeous dream hair.