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Removing and Reusing Microring Extensions

A guide on how to remove and reuse microrings.

Permanently and gently attaching and removing - Microring Extensions are a savior for all women who desire a gentle hair extension. Microrings can be mechanically applied to the hair without the use of chemicals or heat. The result: beautifully natural-looking hair that lasts for several months. When the extensions have grown out, Microring Loop Extensions can be easily released and reused.

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1. Removing Hair Extensions with Microrings

Just as easy as it is to apply microring extensions, it is equally easy to remove them. The connection points consist of metal rings with a silicone lining. These rings are compressed during the attachment process and simply need to be released when removing the extensions.

Gently hold the hair strand firmly.

Place the microring pliers on the narrow sides of the metal ring.

By squeezing the pliers, the microring becomes round again.

Carefully pull out the microring along with the hair strand.

hair2heart pliers for microring extensions
Microring 4-piece Set

2. Can it get any easier?

It can be even easier with the new microring opener pliers - included in our professional microring 4-piece set. The tips of these pliers are placed on the openings of the microrings and are opened by squeezing. This guarantees that the microring will not be accidentally closed again and it also protects the microring, allowing it to be reused.

3. Reusing Hair Extensions with Microrings

Once your microrings have been removed from the hair, they can be reused. I-stick extensions can be reused without any preparation.

For loop extensions, it may happen that the ring breaks during removal. If that happens, it must be completely removed and replaced with a small bonding. Afterwards, the rebonded strands are reworked into the hair with new microrings.

To rebond microrings yourself, you will need keratin sticks oder keratin granules as well as a hot pot or a keratin gun. With this bonding extension accessory and this guide, rebonding extensions is very easy:

Heat the keratin in the hot pot or with the keratin gun.

Dip the upper ends of the hair strand into the melted keratin.

When rebonding with the keratin gun, apply the melted keratin to the end of the strand

Form an elongated bonding of approximately 5mm in length

Trim any excess bonding with scissors

Done! Now you can have your used microring extensions reinstalled.