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Cost and Duration

Cost and Duration

How much does a hair extension with micro rings cost and how long does it take?


You desire a hair extension with micro rings and would like to know how much time and money you need to budget for it? The final price depends on various factors. Generally, a permanent micro ring hair extension is not quite inexpensive. However, it is worth investing in the quality of the real hair extensions and professional application of the micro rings for a beautiful result.

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1. Attach micro rings yourself or have them done by a hairdresser?

To enjoy your micro ring extensions without worries, we recommend professional application of the extensions. A trained hairdresser will provide detailed consultation before applying the micro rings. They will assess your hair and determine the exact number of strands required for your individual hair structure and desired result.

In addition to professional preparation of your hair and a care program after the hair extension, the visit to the hairdresser also includes an integration cut. This cut adjusts the hair strands for a perfect result. Many stylists order the hair from online shops and earn some extra money from it. To save money, you can order the microring extensions from our shop and bring them to your trusted stylist. We recommend the Remy loop extensions in premium quality. These hair extensions are high-quality, and we provide a 3-month guarantee on the hair quality.

To fulfill the dream of beautiful long hair at an even more affordable price, you can do a hair extension with micro rings yourself. When attaching the micro rings, it is important to strictly follow the instructions. You will also find suitable accessories and care products in our shop. Attaching the extensions, especially at the back of the head, is not quite easy. Therefore, we recommend enlisting the help of a friend.

2. How long does the application take?

The time required for a hair extension with micro rings depends on whether extensions with loop micro rings or I-tip extensions are used. I-tip strands have fine connection points in the shape of a pin, and their attachment takes more time than attaching micro ring loop extensions. The quantity of extensions and the styling effort involved in coloring, cutting, curling, etc., also affect the duration of applying micro rings. On average, you should budget two to four hours for a micro ring hair extension.

With proper care, a hair extension with micro rings remains in the natural hair for about 3 months. After that, micro ring hair extensions can be easily and quickly removed. Used micro ring extensions can be reused multiple times. With accessories micro ring extensions, you can easily attach new micro rings to the hair strands.

3. How long do hair extensions with micro rings last?

With proper care, hair extensions with microrings remain in your own hair for around 3 months. Afterwards, microring hair extensions can be removed quickly and easily. Used Microring Extensions can be reused several times. With Accessories for Microring Extensions you simply bring new Microrings on the strands of hair.

4. What is the cost of a hair extension with micro rings?

The price for incorporating micro ring hair strands by a hairdresser varies depending on the number of strands. To determine the specific cost of a hair extension with micro rings, it is best to inquire with your hairdresser. Either the hairstylist will charge a flat rate for the application or bill per strand. For a professional hair extension, the cost is usually around 300 - 500 euros.

If you want to save money, you can buy microring extensions and have them applied by a hairdresser. On average, the cost for attaching brought-in strands ranges from 1 to 7 euros per strand. Just visit our online shop. You will find both high-quality Remy extensions in salon quality and affordable real hair extensions in many colors and lengths.