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Attaching Microrings

Attaching Microrings

A step-by-step guide on how to install microrings and general information.


Do you want to have hair extensions with microrings? In this guide on how to properly install microrings, you will learn not only how to attach microring extensions for your dream mane but also valuable tips on removing, adjusting, and maintaining hair extensions with microrings from our extension guide on "Microrings."

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1. How to attach microring extensions?

If you are looking for a guide on how to attach microring extensions, you have come to the right place at hair2heart. Here you will find a guide on how to install the extensions. Microring extensions made of real hair are attached easily and without heat.

Guide to Hair Extensions with Microrings:

  1. Carefully section your hair and tie up the top layers.
  2. Thread your natural hair strand through the microring using the threading tool.
  3. Also, thread the extension hair strand through the metal ring.
  4. Use the pliers to firmly clamp the microring together.

Since the installation of microring extensions according to this guide is purely mechanical, it is particularly gentle on your natural hair. All you need for your dream mane are our hair2heart premium microring extensions and professional accessories. You can find both in our online shop.

2. How to remove microring extensions?

Removing extensions is just as gentle as installing them according to the microring guide.

  1. Separate each individual extension strand.
  2. Using the microring tool, reshape the connection point to its original form.
  3. Gently pull the loosened extension strand out of your natural hair.

3. How often should you readjust microring extensions?

Once you have attached your microring extensions to your natural hair according to our guide, you can enjoy a beautiful mane for 3 to 4 months. After that, you can remove and reattach your extensions following our microring extension guide.

4. How to ensure a secure hold for microring extensions?

To ensure long-lasting hold for your microring extensions, the quality of the real hair extensions is just as important as the professional installation of the hair extensions with microrings. We have already provided you with a guide on how to properly attach and remove microring extensions. When it comes to the quality of the extensions, it is recommended to use premium microring extensions from hair2heart for long-lasting durability. They are made of high-quality Indian Remy hair and can be easily reused.

5. How many microring extensions do you need for a full head?

In addition to a guide, the right quantity of extensions is crucial for achieving volume or a beautiful hair extension with microrings. Generally, if you have thick hair, you will need more hair strands for a full and voluminous result. If you want to thicken your thin hair with a microring extension following the guide, you can achieve a beautiful result with fewer extensions. Here is a rough guideline for the required amount of real hair strands:

  • Fine hair: 3 - 5 packs (75 to 125 g)
  • Normal hair: 4 - 6 packs (100 to 150 g)
  • Thick hair: 5 - 8 packs (125 to 200 g)

6. What should you pay special attention to when getting hair extensions with microrings?

If you want to professionally install microring extensions according to the guide, you can choose between two methods:

→ Microring Stick Method: Stick extensions have a stick at the top end. They are attached to the hair using a threading tool and a microring tool according to our microring extension guide.

→ Microring Loop Method: Microring loop extensions have a loop at the top. This loop makes it easy to pull and attach the respective natural hair strand using the microring tool.

By the way, if you want to reuse your microring extensions multiple times, stick microrings are recommended as they do not need to be rebonded. On the other hand, microring loop extensions need to be rebonded. The advantage is that attaching a loop hair extension with microrings according to the guide is extremely easy.

7. How to best care for microring extensions?

Neben einer professionellen Haarverlängerung mit Microrings nach Anleitung ist die richtige Extensions-Pflege entscheidend für die schöne Optik Deiner Haarmähne. Da Echthaar-Extensions nicht auf natürliche Weise mit Feuchtigkeit und Nährstoffen versorgt werden, solltest Du sie ausschließlich mit nährstoffreichen Extensions-Pflegeprodukten pflegen. In unserem hair2heart Onlineshop findest Du hochwertige Extensions-Haarpflegemittel, mit denen Deine Extensions lange geschmeidig, weich und wunderbar glänzend bleiben.

8. What else should I know about microrings and hair2heart?

At hair2heart, you will not only find a guide for your microring extensions to attach them yourself but also high-quality microring extensions made of real hair that offer excellent quality and fair pricing. Made from the finest Remy hair, our hair strands are healthy and full from root to tip. A wide range of hair colors and lengths ensures that you can achieve the hair extension with microrings following the guide that suits you and your style.


With microring extensions, you can achieve permanent hair lengthening or thickening in a particularly gentle manner. In our hair2heart extension guide, you will find many tips on how to attach, remove, and readjust microring extensions following the guide. We also explain what you need to consider when caring for real hair extensions, so you can enjoy your desired hairstyle for a long time. Simply browse through our online shop and discover how you can achieve an affordable and professional microring hair extension following the guide.