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Our Hair Qualities

Our Hair Qualities

On our website you’ll find two different qualities of hair extensions – Premium Quality and Standard Quality. Learn about the difference and also where the hair for our extensions comes from

You want to give your hair more volume and length and you may be wondering: What defines good quality hair extensions? To determine whether bonded or tape extensions made of real hair have the best quality for a permanent hair extension, there are a few points to consider. However, even for clip-in extensions for temporary hair extensions, good quality is important. To make it easier for you to choose the right extensions, our extensions guide provides important tips and information on "hair extensions good quality."

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1. Which extensions have the best quality?

More and more women are fulfilling their desire for long, voluminous hair by choosing hair extensions. Good quality extensions are crucial for a natural result and maximum wear time. If you think that all real hair extensions are of high quality, that is only partially correct. Depending on their origin and processing, not all real hair extensions have good quality. However, it is undisputed that Indian Remy hair, for example, has the best quality when it comes to tape extensions made of real hair.

Indian human hair

2. What are the different extension qualities?

As mentioned above, a hair extension has good quality when it is made of Indian real hair, particularly Remy hair. We will explain what the term Remy means in more detail below in this guide article on "hair extensions good quality - tips and information." Here, we would like to introduce the different hair qualities for extensions:

Indian Real Hair

Indian women are known for their full and glossy hair. Since they usually do not dye their hair and take care of it meticulously with natural products, Indian real hair extensions have particularly good quality. The hair of Indian women also has a similar structure to our European natural hair. Therefore, it does not need to be thinned by "peeling" and retains its natural cuticle. Extensions made of Indian real hair, therefore, stand for visually appealing hair extensions and good quality in terms of durability and ease of care.

Asian Real Hair

Asian real hair is much thicker than European hair, unlike Remy hair. To achieve a beautiful, natural hair extension and good quality, Asian hair needs to undergo chemical processes to remove the outer cuticle layer and thin it. Afterward, the extensions are sealed for protection. The result is a hair extension that has good quality but is less durable and easy to care for.

European Real Hair

European real hair extensions are considered absolute premium hair extensions. Since European hair is rarely processed into extensions, bonded or tape extensions made of European hair have a very high price.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair extensions are primarily suitable for temporary hair extensions. Extensions made of high-quality Kanekalon synthetic fibers have good quality and a natural, matte appearance. If you are looking for an affordable hair extension, you should take a look at hair2heart's synthetic clip-in extensions.

3. How can I recognize good quality in hair extensions?

First and foremost, high-quality hair extensions come at a price. If tape extensions made of real hair, for example, are offered at a very low price, you should definitely scrutinize the offer. On the other hand, if you opt for more expensive extensions made of high-quality Remy hair or European real hair, you can expect a naturally-looking hair extension, good quality, and long wear time.

4. What is genuine Remy hair?

Remy hair refers to a hair extension that has good quality and meets certain criteria. The so-called "temple hair" is a voluntary offering by Indian women to the deities in the temple. The sacrificed Indian real hair is collected and sold by the members of the temple facility. The proceeds from the sales are among other things, donated to nonprofit foundations.

The quality of Remy hair is characterized by the following features:

  1. Intact and sealed cuticle layer
  2. Uniform hair growth direction

Especially high-quality Remy hair is Indian raw hair that is neither chemically treated nor dyed. This is how hair2heart ensures the best quality for their raw hair premium tape extensions in black and dark brown.

5. Which extension quality lasts the longest?

How long you can wear your extensions does not solely depend on whether your hair extension has good quality. The right hair care also significantly affects how long a hair extension maintains its good quality and well-groomed appearance.

Extension qualities:

Remy hair extensions, thanks to their intact cuticle layer, for example, as tape extensions, promise the best quality and good re-usability.


If you opt for a tape or bonded extensions made of Indian Remy real hair and want your hair extension to maintain its good quality, proper care is essential. Our hair2heart care series is perfectly tailored to caring for extensions made of real hair and ensures that your hair extension maintains its good quality for a long time.

hair2heart extensions hair quality

6. What hair qualities does hair2heart offer?

At hair2heart, we want to fulfill every customer's dream of wonderfully long and voluminous hair. Whether you realize your desired hairstyle with bonding extensions and tape-ins made of real hair or with synthetic hair extensions, every hair extension at hair2heart has good quality and impresses with a variety of natural color shades. We offer extensions made of real hair in these two qualities:

Premium Extensions:

Do you desire a permanent hair extension that guarantees good quality and durability? Hair2heart's premium extensions made of silky and shiny Remy hair blend naturally with your natural hair and can be easily reused with proper care.

Tip: When you purchase a premium hair extension from us, you not only get good quality but also a 3-month warranty on the real hair quality.

Standard Extensions:

For those on a tight budget, we offer standard extensions for affordable hair extensions. The good quality of these extensions is based on Southeast Asian real hair and high-quality sealing for beautiful shine and brilliant colors. With careful care, our hair2heart standard hair extensions maintain their good quality for several months.


As you have learned from our extensions guide about hair extensions good quality - tips and information, the quality and durability of extensions are determined by various criteria. While hair2heart's synthetic clip-ins are suitable for temporarily extending hair, premium extensions made of Remy real hair meet the highest standards in terms of the longevity of the hair extension and good quality. Our premium extensions are wonderfully smooth and available in many natural and trendy colors. Even more high-quality than Remy hair extensions are raw hair extensions, which ensure good quality through a healthy hair structure and natural hair colors.

For our price-conscious customers, our standard extensions made of Southeast Asian real hair are a real alternative. Available in many colors and lengths, each hair2heart standard hair extension combines good quality with a fair price.

Regardless of whether you choose our premium or standard extensions or want to extend your hair with synthetic clip-ins, at hair2heart, you will surely find the right hair extension for every look. Good quality, which we personally stand behind, as well as great offers and services, are additional benefits that you can look forward to at hair2heart.