Premium Quality – Remy Extensions

Our premium quality Remy hair comes from India. Indian women are famous for their wonderful silky and long hair. They almost never cut their hair, so you often see women with hair-length of 1m or more. Indian women are proud of their hair and care for it with natural products – and they never dye it. Indian hair structure is very similar to European hair. All this explains why Indian hair is so popular for extensions.

You might also have heard the term Indian Temple Hair. It’s an old Indian custom to donate hair in temples as an offering to gods or goddesses. The temples and monasteries sell the hair in braids and use the return for the upkeep of their temples.
Today many Indian women also sell their hair to hair-merchants.


Remy Quality

Remy is a term for high quality hair. What does it mean? To be qualified as Remy, hair must meet two conditions:

1. All hair must strictly lie in the grown direction
2. The cuticles of the hair must be intact and closed


Remy Extensions in different colours

The hair of Indian women is dark brown or black. The hair is carefully bleached and dyed into many colours. Because of the intact cuticles the shine of the hair remains silky and it won’t matt.

Premium Quality Raw Hair – Virgin Hair

Our raw hair also comes from India, is untreated and not dyed. Its natural colours range from dark brown to deep black.

It is washed, sealed and processed to extensions. Sometimes you might even find grey hair, which is proof of its authenticity.

Our Indian raw hair or Virgin Hair is our best quality.

Suggested products

Extensions with warranty

We offer a 3-months warranty on the quality of our hair. Find more info on warranty here.

Standard Quality – an inexpensive alternative

Our Standard Quality hair comes from Southeast Asia, it is thicker and heavier than European and Indian hair and is processed to a thinner hair to match European hair.
The cuticles are removed, and the hair is sealed. This quality needs more care, the life-span is 1-3 months, having said that we had clients who used it much longer.

You cannot dye or tint this hair.

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