Prerequisites for having a hair extension

Can I have a hair extension? Many women with fine or short hair ask this question. We explain what’s possible and which method would be best.

1. Minimum length for hair extensions

Your hair should be at least 3,9inch long. Shorter hair wouldn’t cover the connection points and the extension would look unnatural.

The shorter your own hair – the shorter the extensions, the extensions shouldn’t be longer than twice your own hair. A good layered cut covers hair extensions perfectly.

As soon as your own hair has shoulder-length, you can use all lengths of hair extensions.


2. Methods of hair extensions with short hair

We recommend tape extensions, the tapes are flat, transparent and invisible. Tape extensions can be easily removed and reapplied while your own hair grows longer and longer, we recommend having them reapplied every 6 weeks. You don’t have to worry about tapes becoming visible.

3. Fine and thin hair – can I have hair extensions?

If your hair is fine but otherwise healthy tape extensions are again the best.
If you hair is fine, brittle and thin you could damage your own hair. Please ask an experienced hairstylist for advise. Perhaps adding volume is already enough for your hair.

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4. Hair loss and hair extensions

Your scalp is healthy and your hair also looks healthy, still you suffer from hair loss.
This can have medical reasons, please ask your GP. (Or, perhaps you are pregnant? Congratulations!)
Until the reasons for hair loss are clear, harmless and the problem is solved please don’t use hair extensions.
Please wait for some months after a pregnancy or illness accompanied by hair loss.

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