How to remove and re-use bonding extensions

Everything has to come to an end, sometime, even your beautiful human hair extensions. When the connecting bondings have grown out too far and become visible, it is time to remove the extensions.
Having it done by a hair stylist costs time and money, so we will show you how to remove your extensions yourself and also re-bond them afterwards – with a little help of a friend.


1. Remove extensions by a hair stylist
2. Remove extensions yourself
3. Re-bond and re-use your hair extensions

1. Remove extensions yourself or through a hair stylist

Removing extensions yourself requires a few tools, time, experience, and a helping friend.
Particularly at the back of your head, removing the extensions is not easy. If you do not have any experience in removing Keratin bonded extensions, it might be gentler for your hair to have it done by a professional hairstylist.

2. Remove extensions yourself

You will need a good bonding remover and professional smooth jaw pliers in order to not damage your own hair in the process.

Assemble all tools and use our manual to remove the strands. Do it slowly, strand by strand, to be sure that you have removed all residue.

  1. Put some drops of remover onto the Keratin bonding and allow it to absorb for 2min
  2. Knead the bonding using the pliers until they break and dissolve
  3. If necessary add some more drops onto the broken bonding and let absorb
  4. Carefully, try to pull the strand out. The strand should come out easily and painless. If it doesn’t repeat the first 3 steps.
  5. Remove Keratin residue stuck in your own hair by adding a drop or two onto them, let absorb and comb out with a fine-tooth comb.
  6. After removing all bondings, wash your stressed hair and give it some TLC with some special care to allow it to regenerate. Please don’t use styling products for 2 days

3. Re-bond and re-use your hair extensions

Please find the correct tools for re-bonding your extensions in our online shop

Re-bond extensions with hot-pot

Melt Keratin sticks or granules in a hot-pot. When melted, immerse the tip of your strand into the molten Keratin. Mold the tip with your fingers to the right shape and allow it to harden.

Re-bond using heat fusion

Heat the Keratin stick with the heat fusion tool. When molten, add the Keratin to the tip of your strand. Mould the tip with your fingers to the right shape and allow it to harden. If you have enough experience, you can then bond the strand with the help of the heat fusion tool directly into your hair.

Re-bond using pre-shaped U-tip bondings

Place a U-tip bonding around the extension strand and place both into the U-tip shaped opening of your heat connector. Close the connector tightly to fuse the bonding with the strand. If needed, mould the tip with your fingers to the right shape and allow it to harden.

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