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Attaching Hair Extensions with Bonding

Attaching Hair Extensions with Bonding

A detailed step-by-step manual with images on how to apply bonding extensions.

Do you want a permanent hair extension and want to do bonding extensions yourself? While it is recommended to have bondings done by a hairdresser, you can save on the high hairdresser costs by attaching your own bondings. You can find out what accessories you need and what to consider when working with bondings in our extension guide on the topic: DIY Bonding Extensions.

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1. Can you do bonding extensions yourself?

With some experience and skill in hair extensions, you can do your own bonding extensions. Because it is particularly difficult to do a hair extension on the back of your head by yourself, you should ask someone to help you. Bonding hair strands are also fused to the natural hair using heat. If you don't feel confident in handling the heat clamp, you should refrain from doing bondings yourself and leave the hair extension to a professional. However, if you are sure that you can do DIY bonding extensions, you will need the following equipment:

Once you have everything ready, you can make your bonding extensions following the instructions below:

  1. Use the tail comb to divide your hair in a straight line.
  2. Secure your top hair with a sectioning clip.
  3. Take a hair strand with the tail comb and pull it through the template.
  4. Place the extension strand 1 cm away from the scalp on the hair strand.
  5. To make keratin extensions, you will now need the heat clamp.
  6. Press both strands together at the top with the heat clamp.
  7. Roll the heated bond between your thumb and index finger back and forth. Once the keratin has cooled down, the two strands are permanently bonded.

2. How much does it cost to do bondings yourself?

Bonding extensions are among the most popular and expensive hair extension methods. If you don't want to do bonding extensions yourself, you often have to pay more than 500 euros at the hairdresser for a bonding hair extension. Due to the high hairdresser costs, many women decide to do their own keratin bonding. However, the cost of DIY extensions varies depending on the desired result. The cost depends on:

  • Quality of the extensions (standard/premium)
  • Length of the bondings (40, 50, 60, or 70 cm)
  • Quantity of the extensions (100 to 250 strands)

3. What do I need to consider with bonding hair strands?

Now that you know how to best attach bonding extensions yourself, we will tell you what to consider when purchasing bondings. For a great hair extension result like a professional, it is important to buy high-quality real hair extensions. Premium extensions made from Indian Remy real hair are not only fantastically beautiful but also long-lasting. If you have a limited budget for DIY bonding extensions, our hair2heart standard extensions are an affordable alternative.

4. How many bondings do you need for a hair extension?

The number of bondings you need depends on whether you want a hair extension or hair thickening with bonding extensions:

Hair extension:

For fine or normal hair, you will need 4 - 6 packs of 25 strands of premium extensions. To do bonding extensions on thick hair, you will need at least 7 packs.

Hair thickening:

For more volume with normal hair, 2 - 4 packs of 25 bondings are sufficient. If you want to do hair thickening with bonding extensions on thin hair, you will need 1 - 2 packs.

5. How long does it take to do a hair extension with bondings?

The time it takes to do bonding extensions yourself depends on the number of hair strands, the desired look, and your skill level. Generally, it is possible to do a hair extension or hair thickening with bonding extensions yourself in 2 - 3 hours.

6. What kind of heat clamp do I need to attach bondings?

The most important tool for attaching bonding extensions yourself is the heat clamp. It is used to permanently fuse the keratin bondings with your natural hair. Heat clamps with Teflon coating and a specially shaped tip make it easier for you to do bonding extensions yourself. When buying a heat clamp, look for adjustable temperature control, lightweight design, and ergonomically shaped handles. Only then will it be easy for you to do your hair extension yourself – with bonding extensions and the hair2heart heat clamp.

7. What else should I know about bondings & hair2heart?

To do bonding extensions yourself, you will find not only professional equipment at hair2heart but also a wide selection of extensions in different colors and lengths to choose from. As a family-run company, we place special emphasis on the satisfaction of our customers and personally ensure the quality of the products you need to make keratin extensions yourself. You can choose between:

- Premium extensions made from Indian Remy real hair - Standard extensions made from Southeast Asian real hair

You will see that it is not so difficult to do bonding extensions yourself with our high-quality extensions and the matching hair2heart accessories.


If you have experience with bondings, you can do your own bonding extensions and save money on the hairdresser. To achieve your dream mane, it is important not only to use the right equipment for your hair extension but also to have high-quality bonding hair strands that stay in the hair for a long time. Premium extensions from hair2heart are not only wonderfully smooth and shiny but also reusable multiple times. So what are you waiting for? With hair2heart and our real hair strands, it is possible to do bonding extensions yourself with a bit of finesse and enjoy a permanent hair extension.

1. Dividing the Hair

Divide a section of hair horizontally and secure the upper hair with a sectioning clip. Make sure everything is well secured. Now, with a tail comb, separate a strand of hair of about the same thickness as a bonding strand.

Attach real hair bondings
Attach bonding extensions

2. Attaching the Template

Place a protective template on the divided strand. The template has an integrated slit to easily thread the strand.

3. Securing the Template

Secure the template with two mini hair clips, with the slit facing upward to prevent the hair strand from slipping or falling out.

Attach hair2heart hair extensions with bondings
hair2heart Application of Extensions with keratin

4. Preparing the Real Hair Strand

Take a real hair extension strand with the U-shaped opening facing upward...

5. Placing the Strand

...and place it close to the scalp so that your hair strand is inside the bonding. Leave about 1 cm of space between the bonding and your scalp.

Bonding Extensions Instructions
Attaching Bonding Extensions

6. Securing the Real Hair Strand

The U shape fits perfectly into the tip of your heat clamp. Press the heat clamp together for 3-5 seconds to permanently attach the new hair strand to your own hair.

7. Rolling the Heated Keratin

Roll the hair strand between your thumb and index finger at the keratin bond to keep the connection even and slim.

Attach bonding extensions
Attach hair2heart bonding extensions with keratin

8. Finished Strand

This is what a well-done strand looks like.

9. Repeat

Now repeat the process for each individual strand. Make sure to leave approximately 1 cm of space between each strand and the scalp.

Bonding Extensions Instructions for application