Instructions for how to apply Bonding Hair Extensions

Important things first: We do recommend using an experienced hair stylist to apply your extensions! However, talented friends can easily learn how to do it.
Please read our detailed guide to attach pre-bonded hair extensions via fusion using a heat connector:

1. Sectioning your hair

Section the upper part of your hair horizontally and fix it securely with some clips.
With a sectioning comb separate a strand of your own hair equal in volume to a bonding strand.


2. Heat Protector Shield

Place a heat protector shield onto the strand of your own hair. The shield has an integrated slit, which makes it easy to thread your strand of hair in.


3. Fix Heat Protector Shield

Safely fix heat protector shield using two small clips. Allow the slit to point upwards so that your hair can’t slide out.


4. Prepare a Bonding Strand

Now take a Bonding Strand with the U opening pointing upwards.....


5. Place Bonding Strand

... place it close to your scalp, so that your own strand of hair lies in the U-bonding. Leave almost half an inch between bonding and your scalp.


6. Applying Bonding with heat

The U-shape of the bonding fits exactly into the U-shape of your heat connector.
Pinch the U-shape bonding smoothly with your heat connector (160-170 degrees) for a few seconds to melt and smooth the keratin.


7. Roll the bonding

Roll the keratin bond with your thumb and index finger to close the bond tightly and to keep the connection slim. Your hair is now safely attached to the bonding.


8. Done!

This is how a correctly attached bonded strand looks like.


9. Repeat

Repeat this process for every strand. Always leave almost ½“ between the strands and between a strand and your scalp.

In the next row shift the strands a bit so that they are not exactly above/below a previous one.


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