Bonding Hair Extensions – cost and time

We recommend having bonding extensions applied by a hairstylist. A good hairstylist will advise you on the best hair extension method for your individual hair.  She will prepare your hair (removing of residues etc.) and will apply bonding strands quickly and neatly. There are many hair salons who specialize in applying  extension, but how much does it cost, and how long will it take? Find some answers here.

How long does it take to apply bonding extensions?

Your hairstylist has to firstly wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo to remove all residue from styling products and then blow-dry it thoroughly in order for the bonding connections to bond firmly with your hair.

Application of the bonding strands will take 1-3h, depending if you just want to add volume to your already long hair or if you want a full extension.

How much does it cost?

A full extension with bonding strands will cost you between € 300 - € 900, adding volume will cost you between € 200 - € 500.

You can save money by buying your human hair extensions online and bring them to the salon of your choice. Extensions bought at salons are more expensive as they also buy their extensions online to the same conditions as you do and then add a mark-up. This is where you can save.

In our online shop you will find a wide selection of bonding extensions in two different qualities. Premium quality Remy extensions are the preferred choice of hairstylists as they are easier to apply and to look after.

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Applying bonding extensions yourself

If you want to apply bonding extensions yourself you will need the help of a friend with some experience. All the accessories you will need you can find in our online shop like heat connector, finger protectors, templates. We also provide you with a guide on how to apply bonding extensions.

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