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Duration and Costs of a Hair Salon Visit

You desire a dream mane and want to know how much a hair extension can cost? In this guide, you will not only receive honest answers regarding the cost of extensions. With us, you will not only learn how much money you need to budget for different types of hair extensions. We will also explain how you can make extensions more affordable and why it's worth taking a look at the hair extension prices from hair2heart.

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1. How much can a hair extension cost?

Depending on whether you wish for long voluminous hair or want to add more volume to your hair, you can expect different hair extension costs. Depending on volume, length, the number of strands, and your head shape, the cost of bonding hair extensions can range from 300 to 900 euros. If you only want hair thickening, the prices for hair extensions range from 200 to 500 euros. It becomes cheaper if you order your extensions online.

2. How much do real hair extensions cost?

The price of extensions depends on the hair quality and length. If you wish to have dreamy hair for a longer period, you should buy high-quality real hair extensions. This way, you avoid a frizzy or straw-like hair extension. Although extensions made from Indian Remy hair cost more, it is still worth investing in them for a natural-looking hair mane and a radiant look.

In addition to quality, the length of the extensions also affects the cost of hair extensions. Extensions with a length of 60 cm are more expensive than 40 cm hair strands. If you want a long and voluminous hair mane, you not only need extensions that are at least 50 cm long but also a larger quantity of hair strands.

3. How much do extensions cost at the hairdresser?

Similar to a haircut, the cost of extensions varies depending on the hairstylist. Hair salons specializing in bonding extensions sometimes charge several thousand euros for a hair extension. On the other hand, tape-in extensions cost less. In general, the calculation of hair extension costs is based on the working time and the number of strands. The attachment of bondings costs between 1 - 4 euros per strand. For tape extensions, the cost is around 7 - 10 euros.

If you decide on a professional hair extension, the extensions cost additional money. In addition to a high extension price, professional hair extension costs include expenses for coloring, washing, blow-drying, and adjustment trimming. You also need to factor in the costs of integrating and regularly readjusting your hair strands at the hairdresser in addition to the costs of tape-ins or bondings. Tape-ins need to be readjusted approximately every 6 weeks, and bondings need to be readjusted every 3 - 6 months.

Since each salon sets its own prices, we recommend inquiring about the cost of hair extensions on-site. To get extensions done cheaply at a salon, you can bring your own extensions purchased online to be installed. Additionally, you can save on your hair extension costs by removing and re-bonding the extensions yourself. At hair2heart, you can find not only the appropriate accessories but also an extension guide with many helpful articles about costs, hair extensions, care, and styling.

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4. What factors affect the price of extensions?

As we explained above, the cost of hair extensions depends on factors such as hair quality, length, and method. Here's a brief guide to the different qualities of hair2heart extensions made from 100% real hair:

Premium extensions made from Indian Remy hair

The term "Remy Hair" represents the best quality and thus higher hair extension costs. Since this hair is very similar to our European hair, it does not need to be chemically treated. Therefore, Remy hair extensions have an intact, closed cuticle layer and all strands align in their natural growth direction. Premium extensions from hair2heart are wonderfully smooth and have a natural flow and silky shine. As Remy hair extensions incur costs, you should only purchase your extensions from reputable online shops. Hair2heart premium extensions can be reused multiple times, making the higher hair extension costs worthwhile.

Standard extensions made from real hair

If you want to save on your hair extension costs, our hair2heart standard extensions are an affordable alternative to Remy hair. The hair used for these extensions mainly comes from Southeast Asia and undergoes an elaborate chemical process to match and seal the European hair structure. Despite the lower prices for standard extensions, hair extension costs still apply, so you should take good care of our standard-quality extensions to enjoy them for a long time./p>

The cost of hair extensions is influenced not only by the quality of the extensions but also by the attachment method:

  1. Bonding Extensions usually cost the most. This is because a large number of extensions are required for this permanent hair extension method. Additionally, the bonding method involves a significant amount of labor, which the hairdresser includes in the hair extension costs.
  2. Tape extensions generally cost less than bondings. Since wider strands of hair are glued into the hair using the tape-in method, fewer extensions are needed. Furthermore, tape-ins can be applied relatively quickly, making the hair extension costs for installation often cheaper.

In addition to these popular methods for permanent hair extensions, you can also find microring extensions, nanoring extensions for permanent hair extensions at the hair2heart online shop. Clip-ins, which you clip into your hair for special occasions, do not cost much. However, for durable hair thickening or lengthening, hair wefts made of real hair are more expensive.

5. When is it worth investing in high-quality extensions?

The investment in high-quality hair extensions is worth it depending on the method. Synthetic hair extensions usually cost less than 20 euros, while extensions made from real hair range from an average of 30 to 50 euros per pack, depending on the quality. Although premium hair extensions may incur costs in the triple-digit range, the higher prices are justified. Our smooth or wavy premium bonding or tape extensions made from Indian Remy hair maintain their smoothness and shine for a long time. Especially when opting for a permanent hair extension with tape-ins, bondings, micro or nanorings, or hair wefts, you should not skimp on the cost of extensions. First-class extensions made from real hair not only blend naturally with your own hair but can also be readjusted and rebonded multiple times with proper care. Even though a premium hair extension incurs costs, the purchase is worthwhile.

6. What sets the prices or costs of hair2heart extensions apart?

At hair2heart, the cost of real hair extensions is not as high as at the hair salon. This allows you to achieve your desire for voluminous and long hair yourself while benefiting from moderate hair extension costs.

As a family-run online shop, we value offering quality to our customers at fair prices. That's why we personally assess the quality of our products. Only when we are convinced of the hair2heart extensions' quality and the cost of real hair extensions do we add a product to our range. This way, you can rely on the fact that hair2heart incurs hair extension costs that are fully justified due to high quality.

7. What else should I know about the costs of hair extensions and hair2heart?

Finally, you may be wondering how much a hair thickening or hair extension at hair2heart can cost. Here is an overview of the average number of extension packs you will need and the approximate costs:

Hair extension with bondings depending on your own hair: 4-8 packs of premium bonding extensions. Costs per pack are approximately 26 to 42 euros, depending on the length.

Hair extension with tape-ins depending on your own hair: 3-6 packs of premium tape extensions. Costs per pack are approximately 37 to 55 euros, depending on the length.

At hair2heart, you can expect not only a great price-performance ratio regarding hair extensions, accessory costs, and extension care but also find discontinued items or items delivered incorrectly in our SALE section. Whether premium extensions or high-quality cut hair, in our SALE, you can shop familiar quality at up to 70% off and save on your hair extension costs.


In general, hair extension costs include the cost of real hair extensions, installation, and styling. Just like with a regular haircut, the cost of extensions varies depending on the hairdresser. Hair salons specializing in bondings may charge up to 1000 euros for hair extensions. The cost of tape-in extensions depends on whether you only want to thicken or also lengthen your hair. If you want to get your extensions done cheaply, you can purchase extensions from hair2heart and have them installed by a professional. The exact cost of your hair extension at hair2heart can only be estimated and depends on:

  • Quality and length of the extensions
  • Quantity of extensions
  • Extension method