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Removing and Reapplying Tapes

Removing and Reapplying Tapes

Here we explain how to remove tape extensions from your hair and then reapply and reuse them.


Have your tape extensions grown out? Then it's time to remove your tape extensions. To ensure that your hair is not damaged during the tape extension removal process, we have summarized all the important information about tape extension removal in this hair extension guide.

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1. How to remove tape extensions?

Just like when applying hair extensions, you should have a professional remove tape-in extensions. The hairdresser gently removes the tape-ins from your hair using a special tape remover and can also remove the tape extension adhesive. Afterwards, you have the option to have your tape-ins reattached and repositioned by the hairdresser. Since removing tape-in extensions is less complicated, you can also remove them yourself with the right tools and accessories.

2. When should tape-in extensions be removed?

In general, you should remove your tape extensions after 6-8 weeks. Usually, by that time, the root area becomes visible due to hair growth. If it becomes difficult to style your hair or brush it properly, it's time to remove your tape extensions. The exact timing depends on individual hair growth as well.

3. Can I remove my tape-in extensions myself?

Couldn't get an appointment with your favorite hairdresser to remove your tape extensions? If you want to remove your tape extensions yourself, it is generally possible. To ensure smooth removal of the hair extensions, you should know that tape-ins are attached to the hair using adhesive strips (tapes) using a method called the sandwich method. To remove your tape extensions, you need to detach these adhesive connections using a special tape remover. How to do it? Here are our hair2heart professional tips:

  • Part your hair with the styling comb to make the adhesive connections visible.
  • Apply some extension remover to each adhesive connection.
  • Massage the remover in and let it sit for several minutes.
  • Carefully separate the "sandwich adhesive connection" with the styling comb from top to bottom.
  • Remove each hair strand from your natural hair to remove the tape extensions.

4. What is needed to remove tape-in extensions?

Not much equipment is needed to remove tape extensions. All you need are:

  • hair2heart tape extension remover
  • Styling comb
  • Sectioning clips
  • Mini hair clips

The extension remover softens the connection points between the natural hair and extension strands. After that, you can gently remove the tape extensions by pulling them out of your hair. Our extension remover can also remove residues of tape adhesive from the hair. If you want to reuse your human hair strands, you can degrease, clean, and then reapply adhesive to the extension tape after removing the extensions.

5. How to remove adhesive residue from tape-in extensions?

When removing tape-ins, it can happen that adhesive residue remains in the hair. If you want to remove these adhesive residues from your extensions, you should also use our remover and massage it into the roots and lengths of your hair.

You can also remove tape extension adhesive residue from the hair using the styling comb. Once you have finished removing all tape extensions, you should wash your hair thoroughly with Beautify Deep Cleansing Shampoo. This shampoo not only removes tape extension adhesive from your hair but also eliminates residues on the skin and scalp.

Through the hair wash, your natural hair is freed from any adhesive residues and perfectly prepared for a new hair extension.

6. Does wearing and removing tape-in extensions damage natural hair?

When real human hair extensions are professionally applied and removed correctly, tape-ins are completely safe for healthy hair. Only if mistakes are made during application and removal, hair damage can occur. Simply follow these extension tips, and you will enjoy beautiful hair for a long time:

  • Have tape-ins professionally applied.
  • If you want to remove your tape extensions, use a high-quality tape remover.
  • Do not use household remedies to remove tape extensions.
  • Avoid using low-quality shampoos and hair care products. Alcohol and oils can harm your hair and cause the extensions to come loose from your natural hair.
  • Wash and care for your natural hair and extensions with special extension care products like the ones from hair2heart.
  • Avoid pulling on your hair and the attachment points when removing tape extensions.

7. What else should I know about tape-in extensions and hair2heart?

If you desire Rapunzel-like hair or more volume, hair2heart tape-in extensions are perfect for a natural-looking and long-lasting hair extension. Our tape-ins can be gently applied to your natural hair, and you can remove them just as gently. Because tape-ins are slightly wider extensions, their weight is evenly distributed on your natural hair without causing stress. Therefore, tape-in hair wefts are perfect for hair thickening. Even with fine and delicate hair, you can remove tape extensions, reapply them, and reposition them without any concerns.

At hair2heart, you will find tape-in hair wefts in the following qualities:

  1. Premium extensions made of 100% Remy hair: These high-quality tape-ins are wonderfully smooth and shiny thanks to their intact cuticles. Our tape-in extensions made of Remy hair are full from roots to ends and can be reused multiple times.
  2. Standard extensions made of 100% Asian human hair: These tape-ins are an affordable alternative to our Remy hair extensions and can also be reused multiple times with proper care.

If you need to remove your tape extensions after 6-8 weeks, it is advisable to have both the application and removal of tape-ins done by a hairdresser. If you have decided to remove the tape-in extensions from your hair yourself, make sure to use a high-quality extension remover for tape extension removal. With it, you can easily and gently remove the hair strands. Simply browse through the hair2heart online shop in the accessories category. Here you will find everything you need to remove and reuse your hair extensions.