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Attaching Tape Extensions

A detailed guide with pictures on how to apply tape extensions yourself.

One of the many advantages of tape extensions is their easy and uncomplicated application, without the need for heat. Here, we will show you how you can apply tape extensions yourself with some practice, and we'll tell you what to watch out for.

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1. Hair Preparation

Thoroughly wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo before applying the extensions.

Part a section of your hair horizontally and secure it with a sectioning clamp. Use a tail comb to section a strand that is approximately the same width and thickness as a tape-in strand (about 2.5cm).

hair2heart Application of Extensions with Adhesive Tapes
Tape extensions on instructions

2. Sectioning the Strand

Loosely secure the sectioned strand to the top hair with another sectioning clamp or a small hair clip.

3. Preparing the Tape Strand

Remove the protective paper from the adhesive strip of a tape-in strand.

Attach extensions with tape yourself
Attach tape extensions yourself

4. Positioning the Tape Strand

Release the secured strand from the clip, hold the open adhesive side of the extension strand just below the loose strand, and place it on the adhesive strip.

5. Attaching the Lower Strand

Gently press the hair onto the adhesive strip. Leave about 1cm of space between the scalp and the adhesive strip.

Attach hair2heart extensions yourself
Attach hair extensions with tape yourself

6. Attaching the Upper Strand

Remove the protective paper from a second tape-in strand and place the adhesive side onto your own hair, which is lying on top of the first tape-in strand. Now, firmly press the two tape-in strands together! The adhesive sides should face each other.

7. Repetition

Repeat the steps for each additional strand. Leave 1cm of space between the strands and apply them in rows, slightly offset from each other, to achieve a natural result.

Tape extensions on instructions