hair2heart Premium Quality Human Hair Extensions with Warranty

We are so convinced of the quality of our extensions that we offer you a 3-months warranty on our Premium Quality Extensions

1. Conditions of warranty

The warranty is valid in case our premium quality extensions matt and/or knot within the first 3 months of purchase.
The client is obliged to ONLY use the hair2heart set of care products to care for the extensions. If the client uses other products, the warranty expires.
The client needs to prove with the invoice to have purchased from us the hair2heart set of care products.

Find the link to order the set of hair products here.

2. Details and disclaimer of warranty

The warranty covers matting or knotting of hair extensions only. Normal wear and tear is not part of the warranty.

  • Fading of colour
  • Dryness or split ends
  • Matting of tips of hair
  • Breakage of hair
  • Fading waves

are excluded from warranty.

Equally excluded from warranty are damage on connection points (U-tips, I-tips, micro-rings, tapes) or damage through colouring, tinting, bleaching extensions, as well as washing extensions with silver shampoo and perming extensions.

Excluded from warranty are allergies to foreign hair or connection points.

3. Warranty Case

In case the extensions matt or knot we provide replacement. The client has to claim warranty sending an email to [email protected] and has to send the extensions back to us within a time-frame set by us.


Versandhandel Hoch e.K.

Flugplatzstraße 12b

97437 Haßfurt

Deutschland / Germany

The client pays for the application and removal of the hair extensions.
When we have received the extensions, we check them and inform the client on how to proceed further.

If the claim is accepted, we will send the client a new set of hair extensions.

Do you have any questions?

We reply within 24 hours!

[email protected]

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