Micro-Ring Extensions: Cost and Time

The price for a hair extension using micro rings depends on if you want a full extension or just add volume to your hair and if you can do the application yourself with a friend or if you want to have it professionally applied by a hairstylist

We recommend having micro-ring extensions applied by a hairstylist. A good hairstylist will advise you on the best hair extension method for your individual hair. She will prepare your hair (removing of residues etc.) and will apply micro-ring strands quickly and neatly.

Hairstylists usually prefer to work with Premium Quality extensions for ease of application and after-care.

We offer a 3-months warranty* on Premium Quality extensions. Usually hairstylists do an integration cut after application so the extensions neatly fit into your own hair.

If you want to apply them yourself with the help of a friend please follow the manual exactly. You will find the necessary tools in our shop.

It depends if you want to work with I-tip extensions or loop extensions. I-tips have very small connection points and application takes a bit longer.

It also depends if you want to add volume or if you want a full extension. On average an application takes 2-4 hours.

If you look well after your extensions you can leave them up to 3 months in your hair, depending on how fast your own hair grows.

Removal is very fast and easy as you just have to open the rings. You can reuse the strands with new micro-rings.

The cost depends on how many strands the hairstylist has to apply. Some hairstylists offer a flat rate, others charge per strand. An average cost with an experienced hairstylist is EUR 300-500.

You can save money by buying your extensions online and bring them to the salon of your choice. Extensions bought at salons are more expensive as they also buy their extensions online to the same conditions as you do and then add a mark-up. This is where you can save.

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